Merry late Christmas :D what you get -.-

It’s what the title says. I know the radio gifted me with a present from last night. I got up to use the bathroom and heard that Pompeii was playing, no more Christmas music :3

This thread is totally not for bragging

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Ah, the Xmas bragging thread, 2016 edition.

Well since you’re asking I got my RC parts really early, 2 lego sets, some kind of cosmetic soap and some sort of alcoholic chocolates.

It’s not really bragging, I’m just always curious what people got for chrisymas

What the heck is alcoholic chocolate…never knew there was a thing.

I think it’s always a tradition for my mom to buy me something for Chrisymas, knowing it’s not something I would use or wear but hey it’s something I’m into :smiley: -.-

Not so much this year–but then again…yeah. There was a shirt I told myself I would never buy because I didn’t like the design of it ;D and some boots…that are really house shoes, which are pretty cool. They’re softies :3

I got candy too

Chocolates, like sweets, not an actual choc bar.

woooow so warm inhere… XD

Shut up @theearlywalker

What you get? What did you give? @theearlywalker @the_termin8r

I played it safe and went for cash. I’m terrible at presents.

My LPU package arrived on Xmas Eve so, that was a great present to myself.

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The LPU package was my only gift. We mainly got gifts for my kids.

It’s not Christmas without a little chocolate. And an LPU package. I also received some new books, and the general stuff, socks, underwear, clothes etc.

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I’m glad to report I got no clothes this year :slight_smile:

Gotta celebrate xmas on the 7th of January (gifts exchange on the New Year). Eastern Christianity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


gifted myself the lpu 16 pack and three real relaxed days at home with my family… <3

I got book calendar with quotes from The Little Prince, power bank and gift card to music store.

For Christmas I gave my mom, my dad and my granny mugs with our pictures on them. And also a calendar with family pictures on them. My brother was gifted deodorant, a red sweater and socks.

For Christmas I got a red sweater, a hair brush, slippers and a pillow with this smiley :expressionless:
As an early Christmas present, I also got a new smartphone.

Thought you would appreciate my friend made me this :+1:t3:


this must be real love awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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A bit harsh

Anyways, the biggest thing I got was a gaming chair (that I’m also going to use as a desk chair because my old one was like 15 years old). I also got some games (2 which I sorta bought myself, but with money that was given to me): Rayman Legends for PS4, Minecraft for PS4, and Super Mario Maker for 3DS. Also a USB thing that allows me to use a PS4 controller on PC

Gaming aside, another thing worth noting was I got this shirt:

Mostly everything else was tiny things like candy or clothes, which I still appreciate, but isn’t worth listing

PS4 controller can be used on PC if you connect it via microUSB charging cable. Or did you mean wireless connection ?