Memorial Germany

Dear Guys,

I dont think that there are much words needed but i would line to organize an event where lots of LPU Germany members meet and talk take some pictures and signate a Flag or something with a letter to Chesters Family and the Band.
If you have any tips for location let me know.
Would be an honor to do this for them…

Thank you for thinking about organizing some kind of memorial. Maybe you should connect with the guys on Facebook who are planning to do the same. The group is called “Chester Bennington , Trauerfeier - Germany“.
I guess we can make one hell of a memorial together.

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I dont have facebook

Für Kurzentschlossene: ab 18 Uhr findet vor der Warner Music-Zentrale eine kleine Gedenkfeier für Chester statt :slight_smile:

Rest in Peace Chester.

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@jennifer612 kannst du mir Informationen zukommen lassen?