Meet&Greet - London

Has anyone got emails for M&G yet? I dont know if i didnt get picked or they havent sent out the emails yet…

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The contest hasn’t closed yet. Winners will probably hear Friday at the earliest.

Good luck!

The results haven’t been published yet. We’ll know by 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 CST according to the info on the entry. That’s 2am Thursday for CET time.

Anyone get an email overnight? I didn’t get anything :sleepy:

Neither :disappointed: maybe next time

Maybe they have been sent out yet

I don’t think the London ones will be sent until tomorrow. Paris haven’t been sent yet.

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Awesome fingers crossed. Thanks for the update

I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of emails going out immediately after the comp closes. They go out 1-2 days before the show.


Feeling nervous waiting to here if any one has won, I can’t wait until Sunday :smiley_cat:

I’ve never won, and each time I tell myself to try not to worry about it, because it doesn’t help. Then I get to this point and I check my emails every 3 minutes :joy::joy::joy:


If that isn’t me right now I don’t know what is :joy::joy:

literally had no sleep last night coz i kept on thinking about this :frowning: fingercrossed guysss

I’ve meet lots of famous people doing working comic cons, but i’d Be so nervous if I ever meet mike :smiley_cat:

I haven’t heard back either. Going to stay hopeful though :heartpulse:

Still no email… fingers crossed!!

Good luck to everybody then!! Fingers crossed!! And let’s keep each other updated with the email :crossed_fingers::heart:

Honestly last time I was selected I don’t really remember how much time it took them to send out the e-mails. But being Paris on Saturday, If they haven’t sent them yet it might take a day or two more for the London’s to be sent.

I signed up for the one in Amsterdam and it said that we would get a mail 2-3 days before the show if you got selected. So maybe that helps you guys a bit

They won’t send the confirmation mails immediately. They will about a day or so before show.