Meet and Greet - what item will you get signed by the band?

if u are lucky to win any of the M&G contests…wat will u get signed by the band. i think they allow only for 1 item to be signed

That’s a cool question!

I think I’d have Mike draw something on me and get it in ink. Or if that’s not an option I guess I’d have a concert shirt signed by them all. And then have the shirt framed on my wall.

How about you?

I think that this is a really cool idea.

Unfortunately I have a lot of (old!) scars on my arms… so I don’t know. It would of course be very cool to have something else and something much more positive ontop of that so that they are not so visible + it is just a lot nicer of course! But I don’t think I had the courage to do it. Could be also unpolite… and of course I don’t want to be unpolite to them.

Otherwise I would ask them to sign my MP3-player because I like it a lot. It is old and it looks like it, but I like it. The problem only is, that it might brake some time, and then I would be really sad.

I guess it depends on how many times you’re able to see the band. A lot of people are lucky enough to be chosen over and over and over again for m&gs so they can be more creative with what to get signed.
I wanted to have my guitar signed but there was no way of carrying it around at a concert so I had to decide between a poster and my favorite album. Went with the album in the end, much easier to carry around and no chances of breaking. I’m pretty proud of it too and it always makes me happy looking at it and reminding me of that day.

As for tattoos, I’m one of those people who think that having band related tattoos (logos, lyrics, signatures) in general is a big no no. I’d much rather have Mike draw one of his little skullies on a piece of paper than on my skin simply because I want my tattoos to be unique and not almost similar or same to someone else’s.

I hope I’m not going away to much from the original topic with discussing tatoos now…
But for me, it would be just for myself. Not to show anyone that I’m a fan or that I like them or anything just for myself. So it wouldn’t matter if/that other ppl have tatoos with signatures aswell. A tatoo of a logo would for me - personally - be a bit unoriginally. I mean, I could get that, if I wanted… but it’s somehow different.
Of course you could let them sign / draw on a piece of paper and then go to a tatoo shop at make that as a tatoo. I think that would be a good option. Then you can decide the location etc. better, don’t have to ask them to write on you and it is still something really special…

I’m pro tattoos btw, I actually want to get a bunch of them. With bands though, to me, besides not being original as you said, its also a big risk. I mean, who knows if I’ll even like that band in 10-20 years… plus signatures and stuff can be so sloppy and not turn out as artistic as someone might think.

I totally agree that getting band related tattoos on ur body is not a gud idea…its just my opinion though

I have a vintage denim jacked i used to wear in college…got it customized with LP logo…will get some artwork by mike if i gt a chance😊

Yeah, I don’t think I’d ever put Linkin Park names or their logo on my skin either. But Mike’s art is more than welcome :smiley:

I once thought about buying a small blank canvas and diving it into two and have Joe and Mike draw something but then figured it would take too long since time is limited.
I’m pretty sure though that if I win a m&g again sometime I’m having another album signed lol

Does this T-shirt look like something Chester would wear? It reminds me of what Chester wears very much.

How´s wearing it now? Chester would wear, ´cause chester wears all this shirts with kinda cool printed…

I would bring sth very special I think but in the end time runs sooo fast, that I didn´t even mange to decide what, look for it and take it with me

If I could go to the m&g, I would get signed my favorite album (ATS) or THP, because it’s The Hunting Party Tour.
Btw I signed to the m&g lottery for Rybnik, Poland some time ago. (probably when they announced lotteries)
I hope they choose me!

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@samuel_the_leader Considering it as a gift?

@xTirea Good luck!! I got my ATS signed too lol

Not a gift :blush: something for Chester to sign :blush:

Sure thing, they sign pretty much whatever you throw in their hands. Keep in mind though that it’s 1 item per person.

What do ya think about presents for them? Did it work? Do they take a personal Present??

I read it in the M&G FAQ that they take all the presents home…and only one present is allowed to facilitate easy transportation

Yeah but whats in my bag is in my bag…what do ya think theuy would like?

They love presents! As long as they’re a decent size though, they need to be able to carry everything. They pass almost everything (besides the letters) to security at the time so they’ll be send home, but they keep and see everything. That’s for sure.