Meet and Greet Bremen

Did anyone of you get a confirmaton for the Meet and Greet in Bremen yet? I’m so nervous.

Yes I got mine <3 hope you had luck too!

I also have mine and I’m very happy and can’t believe it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Unfortunately no M&G for me. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Ahhhh congrats! What are you gonna take to get signed?! I have nooo idea!

Thank you. Too you as well
I have also no idea. Maybe I’ll take the cd booklet, my ticket oder just a blank sheet :see_no_evil:

Yesss me too, Im not creative enough… :smiley:
Will you be going alone?

A friend of mine is at the venue too but to the meet and greet I will going alone :slight_smile:

Congrats you two :slightly_smiling_face:
I got mine yesterday, too!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Can´t believe it.

And it´s the same with me, as it is with you (basket_case93). How do you handle the reunion after the Meet&Greet?

You guys already got the Mail for time and Meeting Point? @sarah9796

Unfortunately not… You?

@juliaselina, @basket_case93 do you want to meet at the venue?:slightly_smiling_face:

No me neither… of course we can meet :slight_smile:
At the meeting time or earlier?
I am still on my way by Train and then I will check in at the Hotel
Seid ihr Deutsch? :smiley:

Ja wir sind Deutsch :smiley:
Wir wollen gegen 12 Uhr losfahren und fahren dann maximal 2 Stunden.
Können uns gerne schon vorher treffen :slight_smile:

Just got the mail :slight_smile: you too?

Ich melde mich gern, hatte leider ne umständliche Anreise und muss erst ins Hotel, aber dann gern :slight_smile:

Klar kein Problem, sag dann einfach Bescheid (:

Someone who won the m&g in Bremen, did you guys get front row or did you have to go in the back? :slight_smile:

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Hi, we got front row :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks:)

Did you guys get single photos with him? Bc in Berlin they apparently only had time for group photos

We only got a group foto, I honestly think it’s going to stay like that for all the M&Gs

Did you win one? :):blush: