Meet and Greet Bremen

Ok, yes it seems that way.
No sadly not. But have a few shows coming up. And we wanted to know about the front row bc we will queue in Hanover :slight_smile:

Hey juliaselina, I have a question. Did you lose your place in the waiting line after the meet and greet? What did you bring to sign?

Hey, no, they let us stay in the venue so we were first row :slight_smile: I brought a picture of Mike for him to sign it. Did u win? :slight_smile:

Yep I won!!! So excited!! That is also cool in front!!! So happy!!!

Cool, congrats, you will have a great time! :slight_smile:
Which city?

Thanks!! Oberhausen!! So excited!! Can i show him my tattoo!!

Are there pictures taken at the meeting? And where can you download them?

There is a professional Fotografer who takes pics while Mike talks to you and signs your stuff. At the end He does a group foto with mike. Normally within the following 2 days you get an email with a drop box link. Mine came the next day.

I thought everyone gets a personal photo? Did they change that?

I thought that also because I think everyone got a personal picture last year.

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You only get a group picture and the pictures that are being taken while you talk to Mike (like my profile picture).

Thats pretty disappointing. Last year he took personal pictures with everyone…