Make a wish- wish granted


Tomorrow it’s friday, but even the next day, and the next next day and the next next next day and so on, the same day for the rest of your whole life.

I wish I don’t have a wish.


Short brackets to say one thing:



I know it. You get up, go to work, get back from work, prepare food for the nex day, go to bed, get up and so on…

You have no wishes any more and others chose for you and instead of you.

I wish my boss had a few days off.


Well that’s actually my situation

Sure! Because you punched him in the face so he went to the hospital, oh I almost forgot: your boss told me to tell you “you are fired”.

I wish time doesn’t fly away so fast.

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Got it. Time crawls slowly and you get terribly bored.

I wish my workplace was closer. (by the way, my boss is her not him)


Ops, didn’t see it coming

Issues with job? If you don’t feel fine you have the right to take a day οff and rest, your health comes before everything.

Anyway, it’s closer, your workplace is basically your house and your boss and every other employers have to come there to mess up with you.

I wish I can breathe underwater.


Nothing special. Just feel bored there. No challenges, no development, bad location. But it’s safe.

You got it. You are a mermaid.

I wish I was someone else.

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Alright you are a rock now and will get even more bored, never be someone else

I wish I can read minds


Yeap, I’m gonna be rock … music. :slight_smile:

You got it. Read my mind!

I wish I had a good answer to any question.

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You got it, but every answer you give will be brutally honest and will drive some people away.

I wish I won a big sum of money at the lottery.

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You got it but you also win a lot of false friends.

I wish I could travel in time.


Granted! Everytime you go into the past, you lose a year of your life, everytime you travel into the future you gain one.

I wish I can win M&G


That’s really more of an added bonus; I’d just travel into the future by 5 minutes 10 times and then go back a year once. Gains me a net 4 years extra and I also can go do what I wanted to do a year in the past :joy:

Granted, but the person you meet wears a paper bag over their head the whole time.

edit: didn’t add a wish again. Umm… I wish that I could conjure up any meal before me that I think of.

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Got it. You are a fairytale character now.

I wish I was more serious


Granted, now you get the joker following you around everywhere asking you why you’re so serious.

I wish to have unlimited tomato juice.


You are sent to Spain to control local tomato battles. So smashed tomato leftovers are yours.

I wish I had a magic golden fish that grants wishes.


Granted! The fish dies.

Didn’t you already ask this?

I wish I can give a huge hug to all my internet friends.


Don’t know how about the :hugs:others but it’s me: :hugs:

If my golden fish died, I wish I had a magic stick then.

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:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Your magic stick breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish there will be no more wars

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I don’t know what to wish for.

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