Make a wish- wish granted


Wow I like this :heart_eyes: When do we go?

Okay we don’t need money, we need arms to buy things

For this there is a specific thread :joy:

I wish everything I imagine becomes real

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I’m aware lol, I was just letting her know she has to do it since the other haven’t yet.

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Lmao why is that? I can’t even see her now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: baaaahahahahaha I crack myself up :crazy_face:


Lmao, thats weak stuff bro :stuck_out_tongue: I thought you didn’t watch wrestling anyway :sunglasses:


Believe me you don’t want this wish to come true. But you got it if you want. Let’s say you imagine something you don’t like

I wish weekend was 7 days a week


And then weeks become 35 days long :thinking:

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Okay but you have a job where you work on weekends :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: forgot my wish

I wish I had a sweet cat <3


You got a sweet cat made of candy.

I wish some dwarfs cleaned my apartament at night.


I have a very realistic caveat for that: they simply couldn’t reach anything like the top of your tables, desks, and especially atop your closets.

(No hate to dwarves ~)

I wish that I could see my best friend right now.

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Got it! Look in the mirror !

I wish I was younger

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Done, you are a baby :wink:

I wish I could sleep for 10 hours tonight.

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You sleep 10 hours but you wake up every 15 minutes to check the time

I wish it was summer


Granted. It already was, the last year.

I wish I could eat pizza everyday.


Every time you take a bite you have to make a loud airhorn sound.

I wish I could fly planes for free.


Every time you take a plane you have to pay A LOT for luggage.

I wish I was smarter


I know but I had no idea :joy:

You are smart just like as you are now, you don’t need to be smarter: smart people feel the quantity of things they understand and not.

Anyway, you’ll be smarter, so smart that you will know the secret of the world and you will be let so down that you will get crazy and people will start to avoid you.

I wish anxiety is not part of my life.


I recently heard something in a movie, and although its from a movie, ita still the truth. “I think its better to feel too much than to feel too little.” I know you don’t make yourself worry and such on purpose, but worrying isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It shows that you care, which makes you a great person in life, which you are btw.

Anyway, done, you now have to have a cigarette every 10 minutes to keep from being stressed out.

I wish there was only real music, and none of this fake crap


Wish granted, but all recording devices wouldn’t work any more. So mankind could only listen to the music they make together at that moment.

I wish I had just a little sense of rhythm and singing talent, so I could contribute more, than just the fun doing it in @chigokurosaki granted wish world.


This actually made me feel better, I understand that my anxiety is what makes me work hard, but I have to replace it because it should not be the only motivation, I should try to be calmer and more interested in the study itself.

You have, but suddenly the government prohibits the existence of the good music, in fact only through shitty music they can control our lives, so everyone who tries to sing anything that is banned will go to jail.

I wish my PC’s battery could last more tuan than some hours.


Plug it in and you got it.

I wish tomorow was Friday

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