M&G worth giving up front row?

I was recently notified I was chosen for the M&G with LP on September 8 in Carson. Originally, I was planning on getting there very early to ensure I get to see them front row, but I realize this will be impossible if I attend the M&G (which apparently takes place during Incubus’ set). I paid $125 for my ticket based on the fact that I’d be really close.

Meeting the guys would be absolutely amazing but should I give up front row to do it?
How amazing is the M&G really? And what exactly does it include?

Honestly I had this SAME exact thought process. I didn’t get picked for the M&G, and I’m relieved, in a way. The Home Depot Center is huge, I mean, it’s where Galaxy plays, so being in the back was kinda not an option for me. Plus seeing Incubus will still be very cool. I’m sure whichever one you choose will have you happy at the end of the night though :slight_smile: good luck!

Have you ever met them before? Is there no one that can hold a space for you?

I can answer that question in just two words: hell yeah. M&Gs are the best that have ever happened to me, honey: you can always get into the pit, but meeting the guys is a true pleasure, even though you only get so little time with them. You’ll get to shake hands with the members, have a short small talk and then you’ll get a group picture. It all happens so fast, it’s overwhelming, but holy Shinoda… I got hugged by Chester once and that made everything worth it. Go ahead, the guys are sweethearts. :slight_smile: I’m not kissing their butts, I’m completely honest: they’re all friendly, charming and interesting men to have a chat with. I’ve met them twice and right after both times, I was missing them already. Enjoy your M&G: you’ll love it! -Pickles

i visit m&g, meet band and then just go to almost front row in ProstoRock Festival, Odessa Ukraine.
So i think u MUST go M&G, because its amazing, really :wink:

I hope I get picked for the M&G in Porto Alegre, Brazil, I would give up everything to meet them!! If you have the chance to meet them, don’t waste it!!! you can see them front row in another show.

If you weren’t sure you wanted to attend, you shouldn’t have applied for it in the first place. Someone else would certainly appreciate it a lot more than you.

While being front row is an experience unlike anything else, being picked for meet and greet is a bigger deal! Only a select group get picked for M&G and you may never get picked again so I suggest you give up the front for that opportunity. You only get a tiny bit of time meeting them but how often to you get to meet your idols? You can always do front row next time you don’t get picked

M&G’s are different for every venue. I met them a couple of weeks ago in the Woodlands and even though I was happy to have met them I was still a bit disappointed in how little you actually get to do. We barely shook hands and stood in a line as they walked by signing your stuff.

I would do it again but at a different venue. See if you can find out how they are working the M&G there. Just remember whatever you get signed you will have to carry with you for the entire show.

If you have friends holding your spot you will be fine. A friend and I have both, on separate occassions, made it back to the front row of the pit after a M&G.

You can buy tickets in order to be front row as many times as you want (or whatever you financially are able to lol), you can’t buy a M&G and even getting one can be difficult.

If you do decide to give up your M&G please contact them and let them know that you won’t attend so that someone else can have the chance.

Have fun at the show!

[quote=Chemist999]If you weren’t sure you wanted to attend, you shouldn’t have applied for it in the first place. Someone else would certainly appreciate it a lot more the you.
seriously …
if you decide not to go, contact them asap so someone else can go and experience it

The way I think, this may be the only chance you’ll ever get at a meet and greet. You could always try afterwards to push your way to the front.

[quote=Chemist999]If you weren’t sure you wanted to attend, you shouldn’t have applied for it in the first place. Someone else would certainly appreciate it a lot more the you.

When I signed up for it I figured I’d be able to do both

No this would be my first. My friend is going and could try to save my spot but I seriously don’t see how that would be possible.

I just had the same experience. I was right in front of the stage at Sonic Boom and really struggled whether I should leave my spot. But meeting the guys is such an amazing experience. Even if it’s just a few minutes, it is such a surreal amazing experience. I am still walking on clouds 3 days later and regret nothing. And even though I didn’t get back to my front of the stage spot, I was still totally blown away by Linkin Park. Sunday was seriously the best day of my life.

Deciding on the last minute to do the M&G you’ve won, is really not cool, not cool at all. If you had decided not to go, because you had a great spot up front at the venue, someone else would have missed their shot at getting a M&G.

linkinparker95 - If I were you, I’d definitely choose the M&G, since it’s your first time. You can always attend a Linkin Park concert again and get up front, but when so many other people apply for the very limited M&Gs, you should be grateful when chosen. :slight_smile:

Though I agree there is no comparable experience to a M and G so definitely give up the front. I am like you and figured I would be able to do both (I wasn’t chosen anyway) – I thought the M and G would be before the show – don’t understand why it’s during Incubus – must be when it’s most convenient for the guys in LP – anyway – I hope you opt for M and G and have fun

My advice: do the M&G and start running to the pit as soon as the M&G is over. I had a M&G earlier this year and it was amazing, totally worth it! Enjoy!!!