LPU Summit thoughts

How did everyone like the summit, did you win anything, did you wish there was more

Summit was AWESOME! Best part of my Summer without a doubt.
I didn’t win the laptop I put in two tickets for, but I did get a drumstick and a guitar pick from tonight’s show.
Just… Just awesome.

I got to have a conversation with Rob and Chester…

…and what was the conversation about? :smiley: you can’t say that and not give us details!

The Summit was amazing. I just wish we got to spend more time with the band. I did get my guitar signed by the whole band though.

Didn’t win but i was behind Brad at the group pic lol![surprised][mrgreen]

I had a full blown conversation with Mike about Game of Thrones, and Chester about Dead By Sunrise (he confirmed he’ll be doing more with them). I won a picture with the band, was front and centre on the barricade and caught a drumstick from Incubus and from Chester after When They Come For Me… Overall a solid day in my book.

@BK - cool: does that mean Mike likes Game of Thrones? I love it: show is amazing and books are equally amazing too. Glad to hear that news about Dead by Sunrise too :smiley: think ‘solid day’ might be an understatement though!

Well, I was in Philadelphia on Wednesday night through the show Friday night. I think the anticipation and emotion of meeting my all-time favorite band is finally catching up with me today! I might have teared up for a second as Chester got closer to me- but today is finding me kind of sad. I’m sad it’s over. Don’t be sad it’s over- be happy it happened, right? I’m trying!

As we got in line at 9 on Friday- I realized my passion for LP had exhausted me… and we hadn’t even gotten to them yet!

It was a great day. I will admit that I was a little disappointed we couldn’t get smaller groups of pictures with the band. Maybe 10 or 20 people at a time? It was the one thing I wanted to leave with. I’m sure there are logistical reasons that can’t happen- but it would have been the crowning jewel. Hard Rock was great for hooking us up with lunch (featuring LP videos)- and turning Faint up louder when it came on!

The guys are great- with such great/humble personalities. It’s funny to see that Chester has a silly side- because we don’t get to see that on stage. It makes him even more impressive. At the same time- I love that Mike seems to have the same personality, on & off stage. There is something “X” about his magnetic smile and heart.

All the LPU staff is fabulous.

I am perpetually thankful for everyone involved- especially their patience. Being on the road isn’t easy- but hosting a summit for 200+ on a show day can only stress them further… and they deal with it so well.

While I wish I had just 1 more minute back with each band member (yes, I was one that froze with nothing intelligent to say-) I am so happy I got to do this.

The show that night- amazing as usual. This was my 11th and it will be remembered fondly. Chester made the comment that we were “a bands wet dream.” This is the highest praise one could get as an audience member/fan. I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Thanks to Adam and everyone for doing this. Linkin Park- thank you for being you and sharing your gift with us all… and thank you for humoring the girl requesting a hand drawn heart as part of your autographs.

My next summit will be in Europe. It is my goal.


Overall the summit was awesome. Best part was meeting the other members of LPU, and meeting the band, getting autographs, acoustic songs, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS game by DJ HAHN LOL, and going to the HARD ROCK CAFE with everyone incredible, they played some linkin park while we were there, cranked it up that was cool as crap, and the concert, the best I HAVE SEEN from LP since 2003, maybe ever. Staying at the HYATT was great, incredible view, just added to it all. I thought it wasnt organized as well as it should have been, too much time just in the lobby, not much too do there, and I really didnt like the autograph method of standing up and the band walking around to all of us, much better to have a table that you can bring your stuff too and lay down to get signed, but it was almost a little more personal with the members which was cool. Not being able to go on the stage and use some instruments was dissapointing, the tour backstage was just ok, but overall everything else made up for the low parts by a MILLION TIMES with out a doubt. This has been the best experience of my life next to having my daughter.

What I thought about the Summit?! I thought it was FUCKING AWESOME! I’ll write up more about it tonight then post it haha

Oh you know, only the best night of my life. No big deal :slight_smile:

I got to hang out with both of my best friends at once for the first time ever, and met a bunch of my LPU friends for the first time…everyone there was so cool. I was literally introducing myself to total strangers and we all hit it off immediately.

I actually ended up spending a ton of time with Adam. He led my group through the backstage tour, did an impromptu Q&A on our bus to Hard Rock Cafe, SAT AT THE TABLE WITH MY FRIENDS AND I, and then went on to hang out with my friend and her mom in the pit. Totally unreal.

Meeting the LP guys was the most amazing experience, ever. It’s an amazing feeling to have these people who have only been tweets and pictures and videos suddenly be living, breathing people RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. It’s so freaking cool. I can still feel Mike’s handshake if I hold my hand out right and let myself imagine the scene again.

The concert itself kicked serious butt. Mutemath poured energy straight into the audience, Incubus killed their set, and Linkin Park rocked the night with an amazing show that left us in the audience breathless, exhausted, and euphoric. There were times where I literally just had to stop, throw my hands in the air, and let the music wash over me. So many emotions. I don’t even have words for what I was feeling.

I’m so glad I got to go to this thing, and so glad I got to share it with my fellow LPU’ers. That was the experience of a lifetime, and I know that NONE of us are ever going to forget this. :slight_smile:

[quote=perky]…and what was the conversation about? :smiley: you can’t say that and not give us details!

[quote=Angelique716][quote=perky]…and what was the conversation about? :smiley: you can’t say that and not give us details!

Yeah, that was the positive of walking up to us and signing, I told chester that I had been listening since 1999 and his music had been a part of my life since then, helped me get through my life and helped me break my habits. He responded thanks and thats what its for, then did his little hands together and bow down to me lol that he does. Its so cool to say something to them, and see that they really do care what we think and feel.

I LOVED it…I won rock paper scissors contest and side viewing of show…Wish there were more LP items up for auction

[quote=Adam]Wish there were more LP items up for auction

Thanks for replying :smiley: The great thing is Chester (and the other guys) must get that kind of thing all of the time, but he continues to be humble about it and give each and every fan the time and some lovely words in repsonse. Another reason Linkin Park are so awesome :smiley:

@ Perky, Mike said the whole band is a fan of the show. He also said he had just bought the books so I told him how much better they are than the show. Also to go buy the Novella’s GRRM has wrote. Lastly I asked about the GOT intro and he said that they werent sure about the legality of it so they stopped.

LPU Summit is only a dream for me [cry]