Who’s going !!! I know I am !!! So who’s coming with ?

So excited!

Not me, can’t afford the plane ticket. =/ Next time, hopefully!

As long as I get a pass I’m there! This will be my first summit. Excited!

me!!! i can’t freaking wait!! I’m making sure i get my pass ;D

I am trying not to get my hopes up. I live 4 hours away. I have been waiting for this! But I’m worried tickets will go too fast. :frowning:

If I do get a chance to be a lucky one to Snag a Pass, count me in, but I gotta find my way around Joizy if I do xD

If it toke place one week later I would be there ^^

[quote=Woco21]If I do get a chance to be a lucky one to Snag a Pass, count me in, but I gotta find my way around Joizy if I do xD

I’m going! If I can reserve a pass this Saturday hopefully. I never thought a LPU Summit would be coming to a show that I would be going to so when I saw the announcement yesterday I kinda flipped out haha Should be an amazing experience if I do get a pass which I will be trying relentless to do lol

Do LPU Plus members get summit passes for free, does that mean you don’t have to reserve a pass?

I would, if only the planetickets were like… free…

I would like to go, but it’s too far away from my country. I don’t think I’ll go to any Summit ever, because of too expensive plan tickets, visa etc… I hope you guys will have a good time!

Does anyone know WHERE in Camden this is going to be? It determines if I can go or not. I can’t attempt getting a ticket if I don’t know this. It has to do with the commute. (I’m from NYC.) If anyone knows this/learns this please message me. Thanks.

Im most definently going!! I am flying 4 hours and 30 mins to get there! So pumped! Can’t wait to see everyone there! :slight_smile:

Yeah they do, but you still have to reserve a pass I believe. :smiley:

I’m there as long as I get my pass reserved! I never thought living in New Jersey would work out so well! Hah!

I feel you guys ! im in NYC i dont know where or how im getting there but Im GOING !! loll as long as i get a pass. So if there any NYC LPU’ers i say we group up and find a way to get there = ] just saying !!

guys they are on sale already im confused!!! why ??

GUYS !!! i got mine !! go get it now !! idk how or why but i got it !!