Lpu summit camden nj meet up/concert confirmation

OK last call, going to call tonight to confirm the rooms and will provide the details and that it is confirmed so if anyone else wants in on the rooms, post ASAP. You will still be able to jump in for a while, as long as they have rooms, but this will be the LPU guaranteed block of rooms at the HYATT for the summit. Thanks

OK look over the list, make sure you are on it for the summit and let me know now if anything has changed, dates, days, cant go, or if you would like to be added. Here is my final list and information. THanks

Stephanie Macor Two double beds Thursday and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Zach Taylor KING Thurs Fri aug 16th and 17th

Mary Obrien Two Double Beds Thur fri aug 16th and 17th

Michael Callender KING Thur FRI AUG 16th and 17th


David Aponte King Bed Thurs and Friday AUG 16th Aug 17th

Mohammed Alabkari KING BED Thurs and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Nicholas Salvatore KING BED THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Jason Krygowski Two DOUBLE BEDS THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Cody Shadle KING BED Thursday AUG 16th

Looks good to me! Can’t wait for this :slight_smile:

There will be 10 rooms for the people above reserved by the end of the day today. We can add a couple in the next couple of weeks as long as rooms are available, but these 10 will be reserved and under contract under my credit card so PEOPLE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR YOUR ROOMS, I can not afford to get penalized and pay for rooms. You will be able to call and pay for your room using the information I will post under LPU group or your name up till 3 weeks before the reservation date. Thanks

Awesome thanks Trinity! So we call up to 3 weeks before and pay over the phone under the LPU group name?

Looking forward to it!

Stephanie is sending me all the confirmation papers and contract to sign, and I will know the exact details when I sign the contract but yeah from what I remember I think its 3 weeks before everyone has to be paid up, you can call in and pay with your card under LPU or your name. Will post exact details when I see the contract and sign it.

Sounds good! Thanks for the 411! I’ll give the Hyatt a ring once everything is confirmed. I’ll await your update. [razz]

Looks good, I’m getting excited! We should probably swap cell numbers once we get closer!

Looks good to me! Thanks for setting this all up. Will call to pay once you’ve got everything confirmed.

Emailed list, will have it confirmed tomorrow, trying to work out the details to make sure I am not paying for all the rooms on my card first LOL

Sounds good! Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to meet everyone in a little over a month!

[quote=Trinity]Emailed list, will have it confirmed tomorrow, trying to work out the details to make sure I am not paying for all the rooms on my card first LOL

Yeah get the information needed, name, room dates, king or doubles, and I can add them on.

I will let u know as soon as she gets back to me.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the heads up, Irene!

Yes I would like to reserve a room in the block if it’s still possible - one king bed for Jared Stein for the 16th and 17th. Thanks!!!

Ok, I have the contract today, and confirmations and I will be filling it out tonight. I can add the additional one for you Jared Stein for the 16th and 17th. Will submit them all tonight and post when confirmed so everyone can respond when they pay for the rooms. Thanks

Quick question: Since I’m only staying the night before, will I be able to keep my car parked there until the summit is over? I believe you mentioned there being a ferry that goes across, so I’d rather take that than drive over.

Nothing of real importance, but it’d be great to know! Thanks again for setting this all up, Trinity!

Any chance you guys could add my father and I to your group? We’re not 100% sure on whether we’re going to the Summit, but I do have passes reserved. We’d have to fly from MN to get there. We’ll know within the week whether we’re going. Is it possible we could sneak in to the group? Thanks!

When you don`t need the passes, give the chance to another fans who wanna go there and have noch passes

Passes are non-transferable