Lpu summit camden nj meet up/concert confirmation

OK, I have it set up for the HYATT at Penns Landing. Price is $159 per night. Nice rooms with ONE KING BED or TWO DOUBLE BEDS. We need at least 10 rooms, and can add more after. I need to confirm next week on at least 10 to get the rate. What I need is your name, FIRST AND LAST, ARRIVE DATE and DEPARTURE DATE in this post and how many rooms you will need.

I will be using my credit card and signing the contract, to hold the rooms, so if the rooms are not taken, I am responsible for them, so please dont just not pay . You can cancel with me within 3 weeks for a room and I am still ok. YOU WILL STILL CALL AND PAY for your own room, and will have up till 3 weeks before the reservation date, JULY 26th, to pay for your room. These rooms are nice, and look over the river and bridge and are normally $209 a night. So we got a pretty good discount and upgraded rooms.

Post in here this week and up till next Friday, and at that time I will confirm the number of rooms with the Hyatt, sign the contract and Give my Credit Card information to hold the block of rooms. You will just need your name and its also under the LPU group. This is going to be a blast, and I dont mind doing the leg work and putting my credit card on the line, but please be responsible. AND LETS HAVE FUN. This is a great hotel, going to be a great time, and we have easy access to the ferry for safe transportation to the summit/concert and back, and we will be in groups. We will also meet up with a few that are not staying at the HYATT.


I need a room, the two double bed if possible (don’t know if you need that info or not) for thursday and friday, under Stephanie Macor. Thanks again for doing all of this, much appreciated.

Zach Taylor - King for me please Thursday and Friday night!

Thanks for doing this!

Does $159 include any taxes and fees? Is that the final price per night?

I can call her to find out, im sure the taxes and or fees wouldnt be much if there is any, but I can confirm. There would be taxes and fees on the comfort inn price too so either way its a way better hotel and not that much more expensive with the group rate, no bed bugs, real service and internet, tv, great view etc lol Ill call and confirm though. He said Total would be 159 per night, but I did not ask about taxes.

Thanks so much for doing this, and totally count me in!

Name: Mary O’Brien
Stay: Two nights - Thursday and Friday
Room preference: Two double beds

[Note: I go by my middle name – Siobhan – so don’t get used to calling me Mary! [biggrin] That’s just the name on my credit card!]

Not a problem, definitely going to be great an fun. Soon as we have 10 rooms I can call and get the confirmation, hopefully we have it by Friday so I can set it up then.

Get posting people, I need the confirmations this week, first post we had at least 10 rooms, we need to get 10, so far we have 5 rooms, make sure you confirm that you are going to stay at the Hyatt and the days, one or two, with your name this week so I can call them and set it up saturday. Cant wait.

Name: Randy Schmitz
Stay: Thursday Night ONLY
Room: King Bed Preferred

I’ll give you a ring as we closer to the date, where we can meet and drive up to NJ from DC.
As stated previously, a HUGE thumbs up for putting this together for the LPU family [biggrin]

Definitely, hopefully we get enough rooms confirmed so I can get us all in, I have to call on Sunday, so we need 4 more rooms confirmed to have 10, and then I can book them. We can meet up easily, I am right on 295 and 95 so easy access in laurel md. GONNA BE AWESOMEMMMMMMMEMMEMEME

OK 6 total rooms, we need 4 more to get the group rate and I can book this , so anyone else going get on here and post and confirm, or else we will all just have to handle the rooms on our own lol, not a big deal, different pricing though, higher and we wouldnt be in our own group or block of rooms, upgraded rooms, so lets get at least 10 confirmed people, I know more then 10 people need hotel stay for the summit and or the concert, GET EM CONFIRMED ASAPPPPPP… Linkin PARKKKKKK

I’m totally in! My name is David Aponte. I will arrive on 8/16 and check out on 8/18, so I need one room for Thursday and Friday night. One king bed is fine with me.

So excited for this!

I’ll need a room with a king bed for at least 2 nights (maybe 3 depending on the activities that’ll be held) and btw, my name is Mohammed Alabkari

Can’t wait for this

Sorry for the late reply guys. Just got back from beautiful Hawaii!

My girlfriend and I will need a room for the thursday/friday nights so i guess checking in on august 16 and checking out on the 18th. King bed works and my name is Nicholas Salvatore

Keep me updated :slight_smile:

OK it looks like we have 9 ROOMS, I have to call and book the block of rooms on SUNDAY, so hopefully at least one more person confirms. 10 rooms gets us the upgraded rooms and discount. We have 9 from my count, so I am going to do 10 rooms on SUNDAY even if someone else doesnt post because I think one more person will come late to the party and want in, at least one more, and then anyone else can use the group ID to get the rate up till a couple of weeks before the event as long as they have rooms at the time.

Hi Trinity,

Sorry I didn’t post on here yet. I am from your other post that I need a room and can’t wait to meet everyone at the summit =oD

I enjoy meeting other people especially fans of LP!

Name under: Jason Krygowski
Staying Thursday and Friday nights

2 beds

Thanks so much for all of this again!


i still need to check and be 100% sure what i am doing. I will let you know!

Irene I counted you from the other, Alex will give us 10, so like I said Im going to do 10 Sunday either way and if others add on that will be fine, but we definitely should have 10 rooms for sure, will let everyone know the group and confirmation Monday.

$159 is a pretty good deal, I’m in. Just one question I need you to verify before putting me down. I know some hotels require the primary guest of the room to be at least 21 years old. Unfortunately for me, I’ll only be 20 at the time. I looked on their site and didn’t see anything, so I checked their Hotwire listing to see it’s only 18 years old. Can you confirm this for me before adding me to the list?


If everything is good for me to stay, here’s my info:

Name: Cody Shadle
Arrive: Thursday, August 16th
Depart: Friday, August 17th
Room: 1 King Bed

Thanks for setting this all up for fellow LPU members as well. The summit in itself should be great, and to see this kind of activity leading up the event is even better. I’m travelling alone, so this’ll definitely help out to meet some people beforehand! I’m coming from the Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA area if anyone else is going down, too.

Yeah you will be good, it will actually be held and booked under my name and credit card, so I will be the primary anyways, but you will be paying with your card. So no problems there. I am actually the one that will be responsible for the group and rooms, I just have it set up so everyone can pay with there own cards, we will be in as LPU group, sort of like a convention. I will include you in the reservations sunday. Yes it is a good deal, were getting the better rooms too, and by reserving with some time it helps as well, normally they run over 200 bux a night. Going to be great to have a group of us at the same hotel and taking the ferry over, meeting up, eating together and hanging out.