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Hi there. I just started my new membership yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be updating at all. I went to “manage membership” and it doesn’t show the option I selected (I went for Deluxe Membership) and instead has me listed for the regular LinkinPark.com membership. Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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same here I guess?

or more Info


Did you get a email with a code and follow the directions for activating your new subscription?

Hi derek. No, I did not receive an email like that. I did get about 2 other emails that had a web receipt. I checked my inbox again today and nothing showed up. I think I may have gotten my purchase refunded but I have no way of knowing for sure.

I’m having a similar issue. Have you been able to resolve it? I’m logged into LPU and obviously using the Forums and stuff currently, but I’ve been trying to buy stuff on LPU Store and it’ll ask me to login every time I choose to add something to the cart. Then, when I try to access some links, like the Album Podcast Brad and Mike made, it’ll give me a 404 error. Idk if that’s a site issue or a problem with my membership.

EXACTLY my issue. I hope that this can get resolved.

The forum is open to everyone now, so you should be able to access it no matter what. If you two for sure got the deluxe package, you should have gotten an email with a code to redeem the actual membership aspect. Here’s an explanation I made the other day for someone else:

Edit: After looking at your profiles on the main website, @chrispc11 it says you are not currently a member (probably because of what I mentioned above), but @cincybmxlpfreak your profile does say you have an active membership

Ok, thanks. I went on to my profile and clicked on the “Manage Membership”. I didn’t see the Deluxe bundle as an option. Is there a reason for that because I’d still like to buy it.

Didn’t you say you already bought it?

I did and received a web receipt and that was it. I never got extra messages or anything.

Then it sounds like something went wrong. Because if you got the Digital Membership or Welcome Bundle, the membership would automatically redeem, and if you got the Deluxe Bundle, you should have gotten another email with the subject “A special thank you for your recent Linkin Park purchase!”.

Don’t attempt to buy it again if you for sure received a receipt, email LPU support at lpu@lpunderground.com

Got it. Thanks for your help!!! :smiley:

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So, I ended up figuring out the coupon code to activate the membership, so I was finally able to access items in the LPU store and whatnot. However, there are a lot of links that give me the 404 error still, so I’m assuming that’s an error with the website and not associated with my account. Hope the bugs get worked out soon. :slight_smile:

Can you give an example of a link that is 404’d?


I get the following errror:

"404 Page Not Found

It looks like this page doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, there are some pages that do exist! Head back to the homepage to check’em out."

That’s weird. If I click on the link I get the same message but if I go to that video from the main site I can load everything just fine.

Where are you getting that link from, a news post? Because I believe the address to videos was slightly changed, so old links probably go to the wrong place

Got it. From https://linkinpark.com/lpu I click the image at the top right of the page that says “LPU Exclusive: Tape Echo Echo.” Then, the link on there is what I click.

That link must be old, doesn’t work. If you go to videos>lpu exclusives>LPU 15>tape echo it should play just fine.

Yeah. That one worked. Thanks! Just, as someone who manages my company’s website, you usually want to avoid broken links on the homepage. After renewing my membership, I was going through the homepage first and was surprised to see that happen. It made me worry that my membership didn’t take effect correctly.