Lpu 17 album ?!

I can not believe that they left out the most important part. Hey Mike where’s the LPU 17 CD OR A DOWNLOAD!! PS everything’s already in the LP store looks like a glorified Black Friday event

No letter


I was just asking myself the same thing. I hope there is a physical cd too, not just a digital download, bc that is no fun


Not only that but many of these items were already in the store…

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…Im a bit worried we won’t get a cd…16 years of ads and downloads, why change it now?

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They might release music a bit later, or they might not :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys. Be more respectful. It’s been only 4 months since Chester died. Be happy there is LPU17. They have a lot on their minds now. It is a shame the CD is not included but at least this is the evidence we needed to know that LPU is still continuing. So be happy with what you’ve got right now and nobody tells you to buy it.


Please don’t misunderstand when I say this, but 4 months is actually quite a while to get things sorted.

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They could’ve make a CD of the OML Steve Aoki remix and everyone would’ve been happy

Steve Aokis remix is horrible lol
@the_termin8r 4 months is a lot and not a lot at the same time. Chester’s death put in question everything they worked on. They organised the gig and now they are getting the OML live out. Plus they have to still figure out the future of the band. This situation is very difficult so let them take as much time as they need.



Also to make an LPU album they need quite literally an afternoon to pick the songs form the massive stockpile they have, and depending on how long they spend on it a week max for artwork. The rest is pretty much just logistics.


Yeah but think about it the other way. Their friend died and it is hard to listen to his voice and thinking wow he would’ve be so happy picking the songs for the 17th LPU. This must be hard emotionally for them to listen to the songs and pick them and mix them and it’s all taugh. I get that


Instrumentals are 85% of the LPU LOL

I can’t wait to lpu 17 album

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Well I guess I’m the only one who understands how hard it is to actually work on something that you’ve been creating with your best friend for years and now the friend is gone. Well you guys are greedy and that’s all I have to say. They have you another year of membership when they don’t know if they will continue as a band and you want more and more and more. Be respectful and wait.


This is not true. The songs need mixing a lot of the time. Mike mentioned once that he had to work from August onwards to make sure the songs were ready for November.

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Considering Mike is pretty much the one who does the CD and he had a pretty important concert to organise for the last week of October, and its now just 3 weeks after that, I don’t know how this comment is fair tbh

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They gave you an insanely well organised and beautifully performed concert three weeks ago. Why do you suddenly demand more from them?


Time wasted considering the mixing on every single LP CD is pretty iffy.

If you factor the concert in then yeah, but they managed to push out another CD and some merch too. Pushing out merch that requires a membership in the first place is greed on their part too.

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Eh, we lost a friend, they lost a family member.

I think they get a pass this year. :wink: