Lpu 17 album ?!

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As a loyal LP fan I just think a heads up would’ve been nice maybe if they said “sorry guys but we’re still dealing with the loss of our friend no CD this year.” Not just “HAPPY Birthday LPU have some random merch that is already available for purchase!!” And no expectations given I think you can see where I’m coming from. @rorybourdon

Lorenzo just tweeted to wait until next year for an announcement for a cd.

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I hope it’s early in a the first couple of months.

Omg why couldn’t they just wait till it was finished wtf



This package seems rushed for a variety of reasons of which I will list out below. Before I do that, I admit that LP & the LPU are seriously challenged at this time BUT so is their fan base. Given what this package has to offer, I think it would have been more appropriate to postpone or delay LPU 17. Here are my reasons why the package is lacking:

  1. Where 's the welcome letter? There has never been a year where a “welcome letter” is more necessary and for some reason this version doesn’t include one!

  2. Where’s one last band photo of all the guys, including Chester? How about we honor Chester, in some form, with this package…yet I don’t see his presence anywhere as part of the package.

  3. LPU CD? Ummm, did you guys forget the staple package item included year over year? You have OML Live coming out, couldn’t that CD been included as part of the package at least?

  4. Many of the items are items that we could purchase already in the store…where’s the unique stuff that only members of the LPU are privy to?

  5. The website hasn’t changed. Where’s the website redesign as year’s past indicating the new version release?

OK…as I re-read this I realize I’m complaining and I really don’t mean to come across like that. The point I’m making is that the LPU should have delayed this release and my points indicate why this package appears rushed and untimely. That is all…I miss Chester.

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That usually doesn’t happen until the new year starts. They’ve only just announced the package.

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I agree with all of that but You forgot the fact that there are no behind the scenes videos this year. A live CD or DVD of the Hollywood Bowl would’ve been wonderful + they already have a full scale recording of it. It would have been so easy for them. I’ve never been truly upset with them before. Like you said the fan base is seriously challenged right now and this rip off of a bundle doesn’t help. It almost doesn’t even seem like this would have come from them I think they would know better than to make this.

As others said, CD coming soon.

In reality, you’re not going to make everyone happy with the package every year, it’s impossible. For me, I wouldn’t want a DVD of the show cause I already downloaded it from YT… for free. Maybe since the passing of Chester plans changed for the CD and they want to redo is at a tribute? Or maybe they’re finally listening to me and making Cookies 2? Who knows, but it’s the first day, explanations have been given, you’re free to wait and see if things get better.


I still want a DVD of the show. Or a version of the YouTube stream without the text overlays every so often. But that’s off topic.


Wow. I’m not “truly upset” , just mildly annoyed as without the coming CD it feels like a bit of a cash grab.

An explanation would still be nice though. Not just pretending this is like every other year

I feel like it is still too soon. I didn’t really expect all that <3


Hey damnit! Just be lucky you are actually getting a lpu this year. Mike doesn’t come on here. Silence frog face!


this is not an LPU nothing in the bundle even says LPU :joy:

All you guys bitchin is pathetic. Be happy we are actually getting something. Maybe they really don’t want to think about it right now. Maybe you should remember the crap that went on this dumb year. Maybe you can be greatful and shut up. Maybe there will be a cd later on? Maybe what you see it will change like what they did when OML first came out. Maybe it’s not the final product.
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Do you really need it to say lpu? Do you also need it to say ‘guys restroom’ when you use the bathroom :3


No dardar not cookies 2

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Awww shucks I feel so special being included :stuck_out_tongue:
Just being devils advocate here but if the restroom doesn’t say guys or have the stickman figure, I’ve typically found you end up getting slapped around, squealed at, and possibly shot in the groin-just sayin

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