LP App Soldiers, Where You At?

couldn´t agree more with @Fravaco, and we´re happy to welcome you on board @bkbushra - let´s forget about this misunderstanding and move on… let´s make him proud :blush:


Nobody said that. One thing you will notice here is that no one really pays attention to how long anyome has been a fan. As long as you are a fan you are welcome. We have people on here who have joined in different years based off different albums. We even have some new ones who have joined fairly recently. The point is that some of you are new to the forums, just like if I went to the app and posted, I would be new to the app, regardless of how many years I have been a fan or have been on the forums.

Definitely not saying this either. We are just saying that things work differently on the forums, just as things work differently on Instagram, twitter and facebook, just as the app.

I think there might be a misunderstanding somewhere. No one ever claimed that. The forums are very welcoming to everyone. Most of us have varied groups of friends from the LPFamily, from the forums, twitter, real life. But that’s just what it is. A family. If someone picks a fight with someone we know extremely well, how do you think that would play out? We stand up for each other.

We know this. We have all been misunderstood at some point during our time here, but we move on from it. We apologize and it’s all good. We have been misunderstood from tiny things like our gender (looking at you @the_termin8r, @theearlywalker , @framos1792 and everyone else who didn’t know mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), to big arguments that have sorted out.

With that being said,

Thank you. And welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:! We have a nice games section on here, and it’s where people are relatively more active.


I love how we’re open to solve the issues in this community instead of doing the opposite.I mean we’re made for connecting and everytime there’s a connection, I’m sure Chester smiles out there. I am new to the forum, joined when Mike announced the PT tour. But I 've been a fan since 12 years thnx to In The End. That’s when I discovered LP. I was a kid back then and it was the first band that introduced me to the rock and metal world. Still, I love seeing new fans being caught by LP and becoming members of the family. During these two tours, I’ve even met fans under 18 and it just makes me happy seeing that our loved band is continuing to inspire and grow the new generation. This means that their music and the spirit will continue to speculate. I think we all have so much in common, once we integrate this community.
I would really love to know how each of you knew Linkin Park? Personally I was a naughty kid who uses the laptop of her big brother without permission and was looking in his files and opened that record called In the end. At the time I didn’t even know English but something held me to that song and I kept listening to whenever I can sneak to my brother’s room. And then it’s a whole story that began with LP…

What about you guys ?


I’ ve been following LP since the very beginning and yet I’ve only been an LPU member since november last year. Just saying, it doesn’t matter how long you’re a fan or a member, a fan is family, even the loners like me. If you need us, we’ll be there


We are glad to have you here @bkbushra and welcome to the LPU family

And like @AJ_7 we have all dealt with some kind misunderstanding but its important is to get it resolved and move forward because were all a big family after all


Me too. I’ve been a fan from the beginning. But enter to LPU forum just a couple of months ago. :handshake:


It’s never late to join us :blush: :grin: :heart:


I joined here November 2017 which feels like a lifetime ago and other times it feels like I’m still new here
Like I said before even through the frustration I wanted to understand you because I was in your position at one point not knowing what and wanting to blindly defend too lol…

I knew from the start that your intentions were well meant… :slightly_smiling_face:
You’ll fit in perfectly soon enough :slightly_smiling_face: as defensive and protective as any of us here haha

Where are you from? I assumed French :sweat_smile:
And yeah, meeting LP fans is different- lupita meet strangers yet they aren’t strangers in a weird way
There’s no ice to break between people…I think people made of the same stuff gravitate to the band and deep down there’s an unseen commonality that makes it different to meeting someone else :slightly_smiling_face:

Will continue to communicate*
You’re stuck in here now :crazy_face: you can’t leave, you must join the cult


Ummmm…:roll_eyes: you still left it fairly vague… don’t you think you should tell her you’re a girl so that she doesn’t think you’re a dude? :thinking::rofl::speak_no_evil:

Perfectly said :slightly_smiling_face:

@bkbushra again, personal apologies from me for being direct but glad and grateful that there’s light at the end :slightly_smiling_face:
Truly hope to see you give the place a chance and see you interacting in other threads when time allows :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry @bkbushra that I didn’t reply before.
I can be quite a mountain lion, to nice a word, mountain troll when it comes to defend someone. Totally unnecessary of course and so I restrain my self.

Welcome to this great place!
It can be quite addictive. At least to me.
(I will come down eventually :sunglasses: )

I am pretty new, on this forum, as LPU member and even in my tremendous love for Linkin Park. So I’m still in stage one love stadium, were you’re all giddy and overreacting and flying.

My way to this, you find here:

Have fun! :hugs:


Somehow feels like I know you longer

Why, why would you do that @framos1792 ? It should become a tradition for people to guess :joy::joy:


Thank you for the warm words and for the warning about the addiction to the forum haha. Some addictions are something we look for :grin:.

I am from North Africa which explains why I was never able to see LP when Chester was among us. I tried for years to move to Europe because to me this meant finally seeing the bands I love. I knew LP was touring summer 2017, they were in the download festival in June and I was going to move here in August so I was sad about it but assumed they’re coming for a one more light European tour and I’ll see them. Then Chester decided differently, two weeks before I move. Hopes were gone :sob: but since I came here I didn’t stop seeing every band I loved since years and I did my best to see Mike as much as I can.

This is the story of my life lol.


Haha so you & @anna834 are girls and @framos1792, @the_termin8r, @StephLP18 are guys?


:joy:I’m dead. Sorry for this :see_no_evil:. Sending you a virtual hug

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@StephLP18 is girl, it’s literally in her name. :joy:

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Thank you :hugs: no worries.
Oh minutes to Midnight then! My fav song from it is No more sorrow.

And yep I’ll surely be here more often now.
Besides French fans and some German with whom I kept contact on Instagram, I didn’t get to have solid contact with other. So here’s a perfect space

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I am girl but this wasn’t the first time people here thought I was a guy maybe we should start including are gender and age in are bio because people here always mess up each other’s ages too Like when I first I got here I thought @the_termin8r was in his mid 30s but he was only 19 at the time

What!!! I thought he was almost 9 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just love you for this!!! It’s the same for me. You spoke out of my heart! Thank you so much!

I hope your travel is good and I send you a big hug :kissing_heart::raising_hand_woman::bouquet::revolving_hearts:


Oh sorry guys for coming back here late. I was busy moving to a new place and just started a job.

Anyways so yeah I also thought he’s in his mid 30’s but really 19?omg

I am 23 so now I’m feeling old haha


No, I was 19, came here when I was 17 I think. I’m 21 now.

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