LP App Soldiers, Where You At?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.

I’ve been away from this community for a while…seems the LP app has disappeared. Is there another app that the community is using while we’re waiting for the LP app to get back online? When is the LP app coming back?

That app was a community lifeline for many of us…I’m not sure what to do without the app…:worried:

Where’d you go? I miss you so. Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve been gone…:pray:


Hey :slight_smile:
Someone else came here for the same reason but as to your questions we wouldn’t really have any clue, I doubt even the moderators would know…
I know it’s very different but you and all the other soldiers from the app are always welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
I was on both for a minute and didn’t see a huge difference between the two in terms of support for fellow soldiers…
there seemed to be a small community within the app too so I’m sure y’all would fit right in as it’s a similar feel in here
Hoping for the best in them releasing a replacement at some point too though :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank god, let’s hope that pile of trash is burning in hell.

Yes, it’s called a PC with Chrome on it. Or a phone with Chrome on it if you’re a masochist. :joy:

Hopefully never.

Get on with your life like a normal person perhaps? :joy:


Gosh Rob that app was beautiful to not count that LP Family is a sustain and a support for all of us, it was like a Twitter only about Linkin Park but I can say that it was pretty dead and limited :confused:
I don’t know when it will come again, as I try to open the new version it says that is unavailable, I have no clue. Or they decided to delete or to improve it, you know what I can’t find anymore too? LP Recharge app, I would have liked to at least get to the half of the game :laughing:



…nothing but a pain in the arse for the 10 mins I had it and tried to even make it work.


:joy: This made my day

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I hope the app comes back. :frowning_face: Ive got a lot of friends on that app. I wish to talk to. I know I have you guys here… but it’s a little bit different. :confounded: I used the app a lot.


Whish you all luck that you find your way back together! :hugs:
You give the feeling of stranded people. We are her, welcome you and just the best for you! :heart: :muscle:

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I wish you to find them all again :slight_smile: many of the fans that were there were here and on Twitter, you should check!

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Oh f*** it’s my cake day, I didn’t even know :joy:


I think that person comments are actually rude. Take a look at his replies to the main question /Topic about the app.
He called out the fan as a masochist… I don’t know if the flag button can banish his replies

Don’t do it.
Oh, you already have.
That’s definitely rude too!
You could always have talked first.


Oí there was no need to flag things like that. Spend a little time here and you’ll see that it’s just his personal humor-I’ll vouch for him being a good guy on anything over anything.
The fact that he or I myself would say things straight up to you or anyone else should be refreshing. You really want people coddling through life?
The masochist comment though blunt has nothing wrong with it- doing things like that on a phone, scrolling endlessly in itself is self prescribed torture to a person’s point of view
Why should his point of view be thought of any less than yours?
Furthermore this whole thing is unnecessary as he said you’d be considered a masochist if you decided to hop on a phone to be here
Ps Look at that! I guess he called me a masochist! I’m on mobile! Ha! Oh what a low blow :persevere:

I’ll say this about the app myself- I know it was a safe haven for people wanting support- that’s fine and it’s great that that’s what it was but this is the issue about having a crutch like that- all your eggs are in one basket and when that’s gone or taken away you’re left grasping at air. I was on the app as well I saw the interactions. They were great but at the same time you can’t rely on something like that because the reality is that people come in all colors shapes sizes and all those varying kinds of people have just as diverse personalities

I’m saying this as advice hoping plenty of people read this- grow thicker skin. You can’t live life expecting people to be polite
Branch out and walk through life with an open mind and a positive attitude

Throw me under the rug as rude as well if you want but there’s no difference between the app community and this community. It’s bugging me that the people coming from there to here all seem to make comments like the app community was this or that. Spend time hereeee, come in with an open mind, things may work differently but we’re just as tight knit as the app was and by the looks of it more readily accepting
Want proof? I’d stick up for you as I would or did for @the_termin8r over anyone coming in hot.

Spending too much time to say something simple here-
Have a positive outlook on what you read In here-it’s as much an oasis in the shitty online world as the app was-people here care for one another
Check it out then flag or call out appropriately
No one was being rude and if you’d have read the post with an open mind you would see that


Bleghhhhhhh just…just…
he wasn’t being rude. He never called anyone masochist-according to what he wrote, I’m the masochist and it don’t bug me one bit. Spend time here and you’ll figure things out and see people here are just like on the app.
People here don’t usually talk crap or offend people and that’s exactly why I deleted my own post. My bad

Quit flagging stuff before communicating-it’s not the first time it happens with people coming from that app and it’s getting to be unpleasant. We’re grown ups-speak up

Have a good day


Are you serious? “talk first” what should I say to someone writing that he wishes that the app never comes back again and that that can burn in hell and telling the fan who wrote the question to get a life.
It’s not because one avoids arguing that he’s not a grown up. If you check the conditions of this forum you’ll see that they’re also telling us to flag in case we see its inappropriate. I wouldnt want to argue with someone here. What I saw, was rude replies to the fan who posted the question.
Your reply now makes me feel as if I don’t understand English or as if I am imagining what I read. I’m not just talking about his reply about the app of the game. Really? You don’t find anything wrong in what he wrote in his 3-4 replies?

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I’m talking about (the_thermin8er) and not the fan who posted the question.
And honestly if you find rude that one wants another person to hurt a fan’s feeling rude, then there’s a problem.
I can’t believe you don’t see his replies above about the app and about “getting a life instead of using the app” that he’s wishing it never comes back… Etc, as nothing. I didn’t want to reply to this person just for the sake of not arguing and when I told you about my opinion, you are suddenly offended. I don’t know if am imaginging that what that guy said was rude… Screenshot_20190627-055532 Screenshot_20190627-055527

He made it perfectly clear he was talking about the app as an app itself alright?
Grow some thicker skin if it bothers you because if that offends you then damn I can’t imagine what other words do to you. Don’t go through life offended by everything and everyone

I would literally come out and tell you that if it’s what I thought
Again you’re reading too far into it. I said pay attention to what was said.

Unlike you I know he’s talking about the app as a damn program and not as the crutch people seem to use it as. From HIS point of view as I said before, he is speaking of the APP ITSELF AS AN APP. It was never an offense to the people in it or the community, get it? He’s an engineer by nature and whatever reservations you have about the contents of the app-the app itself was trash and full of bugs because of lack of maintenance and attention


This wasn’t a problem for the original poster who HAS been here before, who has interacted with people here before and knows people are decent unlike what you think

The problem as I said before is you coming in hot on things you’re assuming


I was you before okay? When I got here. I can honestly see you defending someone else and I get that. I’m the guy that got in an argument here in what would be your side now but in all fairness things have changed so damn much since then that I can’t stand for people coming in making a scene. You’re not the first in the past few days to come in here and flag posts and try to make arguments for the sake of an argument. We’re all the same here got it? As I said if you’d pay attention and interact you’d see that more and more but at this point the only vibe that some of the people coming in are giving is arrogance. You’re new here, do as everyone does and just watch more than one topic and see what people do and say. The wise person stays quiet, the intelligent person gives an opinion while the ignorant person just yells, don’t be ignorant.

I said this in the post I deleted which is back up and I’ll say it again, I’ll vouch for that disrespectful dude and I’ll bounce with him the day they kick us out for being idiots. I’m as much on your side as i am in his even now alright? You’re defending someone the exact way I’m defending someone
Don’t that ring a bell and make you think-geez maybe we aren’t so different?


Pleace, can someone smuth this out or help?
@theearlywalker @lpfan61 @the_termin8r @jFar920
@framos1792 is doing a really good job!
But I for sure haven’t the right temper for that!


Okay, got your point about the app.
But telling someone to go get a life as a normal person is offending. I understand now that he’s your friend or you are used to him and his opinions but that comment made me, as someone who doesn’t know him, feel that it wasn’t a cool way of responding to a fan. This is what is offending. And I think everyone has a different opinion.

That’s mine and It doesnt make me any less mature . I didnt use any bad lamguage or been agressive,just gave my opinion and didnt like his way of replying ans i expressed this here.