LP App Soldiers, Where You At?

Thank youuuuu…
finally some common ground…

I get that… as I said I do understand where you’re coming from
But as blunt as it was, he’s not entirely wrong
99.9% of people would just have a little more tact when saying it

As I said were all similar in some ways, I’m on here for ages it seems sometimes talking to strangers like you living a 9hour time zone difference away from me- yyyyeah I could use a life :neutral_face: @the_termin8r’s girlfriend is an old laptop he’s getting handsy with and his side piece is an RC car he plays with lol he could use a life

Again a part of me senses you’ll just take this as an attack but take it as you will- the app I sensed was a crutch for a lot of people and that’s as unhealthy as dealing with rude people
The get a life comment- yeah branch out and open up and make connections elsewhere in person and in other places even here
You lean on a single thing and you fade away when that thing goes away like the app did
You have to cope and adapt don’t you? Hermetic lives leave people with nothing but a shell of what their lives could be if they allowed themselves to grow as intended

Next time…I’m just tagging @anomalia :grin:


I don’t know if I should double down and continue with my dickish attitude or try to explain myself (not that I feel I need to), but let’s see where this goes as I start replying.

I’m not sure you should be on the internet if you take everything at face value like that. I also suggest you read again. The person was asking for alternatives, I gave them two. I said they should use the latter IF they are a masochist, not BECAUSE they are one. In other words it’s me telling them to stay away from the second one for their own good.

It does, temporarily. Flag me again, and I’ve got 8 other accounts waiting to be used. Word of advice, don’t start a war with me, I’m the one who takes it too far.

Let her, I really don’t care. Like I said, I have 8 accounts. :joy:


Emotions are where reason goes to die.


Really didn’t think that needed explaining, but at least I don’t have to type it out now. :joy:

You can say that you don’t agree, you can ask why they don’t agree, you can have a civil conversation, you can ask if it would be ok for them to edit what they said to be more suitable. I probably would have been fine with a small edit if you’d asked like a human. But now that you’re behaving like a butthurt little snowflake from Tumblr, I’m not changing jackshit about my post. Every time people flag me like this I tend to go the other way and get even more riled up. I’m not the person who bends over backwards to pander to someone’s views, because they got butthurt.

There are people on the internet that you’re not going to like, deal with it.

Again, I didn’t say that. I told them to move on and not get hung up and to get on with the life they already had. In no way shape or form is it healthy or sane to get so hung up over a piece of social media to the point where you won’t be able to funtion without it. That is by definition an addiction, and addictions are never good.

She’s got me there, but it’s not like it was a secret. :joy:

And this is exactly what you’re doing wrong. You’re locking yourself in an unrelasitc, clean world of your own making. An isolated environment that panders to you, but when you get into the real world, you get the shock of your life. Take it as it comes and fight through, you’re not doing yourself any good otherwise. It’s like training to be a deep-sea diver in a kids’ paddling pool, mastering it and then wondering why you drowned when you tried diving to the bottom of the Mariana trench.

No, because they’ve been here long enough to know me and I have enough of a reputation on the forum to back me up. Shooting first and asking questions later is usually the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

2…2 replies.

Again, read what you just wrote. You basically just said that you shouldn’t find it rude if someone wants to insult someone else. At least get your point straight before you start attacking me. :joy:

“Hey, I think you stole my lunch from the fridge, I won’t talk to you about it or check if it was actually you, hell no, I’ll just lace your food with cyanide.”

How did you expect that to go? Instead of being civil with negotiations, you went straight to a skirmish. GG, mate…GG. :joy:

I honestly thought this much was clear.

Dafuq would I do that for? I don’t have any beef with them. :joy:

Wow, an American telling someone to not be American. Mind blown…:joy: :joy: :joy:

(I know you’re Mexican, but roll with it. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nah, don’t worry, this won’t go on for much longer. I won’t be taking part in this argument after this reply. My only concern is that we’ve spammed up the thread with crap.

None of us did.

I don’t know about you, but an immediate and impulsive flag is kind of aggressive.

:joy: :joy: :joy: See? Someone gets it.

Oh definitely…but fuck that shit! Tech and toys all the way! LMAO :joy: :joy: :joy:

Look around @bkbushra, take a look at all the people that came out of the woodwork to help me out. This is what we do here, we help each other out and don’t look to censor each other despite what was said. If it was something truly offensive, we’d deal with it like civilised people. You can’t play football with the rules of tennis. I’m just parroting what @framos1792 said.

I hope that you can stick around and explore for long enough that you see it’s not so bad here. I’m going to be an adult for once and apologise for my posts and the fact that they were misunderstood. However, I’m not taking them down or changing them as I don’t roll like that. I don’t say things I don’t mean online. If I’ve posted it, I’m standing by it, regardless of the hate and flags it gets.

Thanks for the support, @framos1792, @anna834 and @anomalia. Even though I could have tackled this alone. :stuck_out_tongue:


No I am not going to take this as an attack. It wasn’t about the app that I took it personally. It was just like : look how this fan is considering the app and is sad about it and how someone else is replying to him. To me, it felt as if he was just careless and throwing ironic words.
And maybe that’s the thing about online messages. Everyone can understand msg differently even it it’s the same words.

He could maybe have used other words to make it clear that the app wasn’t that good and that he should rather be on this forum than being sad for what he considered as a useless thing that can go to hell.

That’s my opinion and I’m not here to tell people how they should say things and that’s the reason why I didn’t reply to his comments and I was just content with flagging them. Even though I see now that I shouldnt have put a flag, still I feel sorry for the fan who asked THe questions here. One should be understanding for what others see as “what they do with their lives”.

Anyways, I’m not at all bothered by this conversation. We’re all different and what matters is keeping faith in this community. Thanks for explaining also.

Have a nice day


Sorry, I was late as I had to go to work… :sweat_smile: Anyway, I have nothing to add to what has been said before… @anna834 @framos1792 @anomalia @the_termin8r , you did a great job here!

Just think twice before doing anything and talk in a civilized manner before acting rude, be tolerant as we all are beautifully different…


I am here for @the_termin8r as well. I would say more but I think @anomalia @framos1792 @anna834 did a great job and I agree with all they said

Word of advice for you new comers don’t get into a fight with @framos1792 or @the_termin8r without facts to back you up. Because you will never win

I have nothing left to add here


Just stumbled on this and completely agree with @anna834 @framos1792 @anomalia @the_termin8r

This. 100%. Some of us on here have known each other for a very long time and we know where each is coming from. Termin8r doesn’t ever mean harm, it’s just his sense of humour. It sucks that it was misunderstood. Don’t just flag someone. Look around and you will get to know people. Like it’s been said, we all care for each other.

And this:


Wow… -guys really? Deja-vu feeling myside…

It feels like we’re two different tribes- but honestly over all it’s Linkin Park family and we should make him proud

For me it’s a big organizational problem that the app-people and the forums-people didn’t interact in the same virtual room- that is the root for this problem - it seems- for whatever reason not possible to create the app in a way that it connects fans using it with the forums… it’s kinda like a parallel universe that got sucked into a black hole- it disappeared - sad enough already

Now you guys join our community- which we regulars and our mods declare to be open, supportive and tolerant. We integrate a lot of new people always with a warm welcome- as we suppose soldiers attitude to be.

Since a while now there are people, obviously from the app community- joining here but forget somehow that they are new to this plattform. It was now already several times that some of you flagged family members who are already here for years and who give a big impact on how things work here, who are supportive and who have their permanent place here and that it is exactly what it is.

Guys, literally this is like pooping in our livingroom.

That this causes a reaction- is absolutely expectable and normal. But we don’t flag- we talk - even or because we don’t know you and want to work things out. We are tolerant- but if you offend us- we stick together like one. That’s something we all appreciate- one for all and all for one- in good and in bad times.

If you want to join us, you’re welcome but take your time to get familiar with our language, attitudes and most of all first get to know us and don’t flag hastily. Flagging after being here for a day or two - without knowing the people here and the way we interact with each other makes no sense at all. Consider this if you plan to become an active member here @bkbushra

God bless I know that Rob, @the_termin8r isn’t taking this serious- and I really felt your love for this place @framos1792 while reading your post. Thanks for tagging me @anna834 and well said @lpfan61, @StephLP18 and @anomalia and @AJ_7 great you’re around for such emergency cases reading this thread today showed me once again how powerful our community is, and this definitely made my day- another flow thread- I love you guys - :heart: - we are the change :blush:


lol, exactly what I was thinking :joy:

Time to rename it to From Fight to Love: The Flow Thread Part 2? :joy:


Hahaha - yeah… I thought the same bro… :joy::joy: we could set a poll :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I’m quite new here. So I didn’t even realize it. I thought that the app was the other way to use the forum and LPU as a whole.

Wait, who else was flagged recently?

On that other thread
I didn’t get heated for nothing


LOL, now she knows what it’s like when she flags me. Out of all the flags I’ve gotten, 95% have been from her. :joy:


I’m new on this platform, still need to learn somethings. I’m just here to support people and sometimes I need support to. :heart:


Nicely said as always @theearlywalker ! :blush: :heart: :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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And you are only welcome to do this- happy to have you here. @drounzer - :sunny: welcome you on board soldier, and the easiest way to get in touch with the peeps here is our games section- just jump in :blush:

@framos1792 I loved to feel your temper :muscle:t2::yellow_heart::hugs: and you’re right bro :+1:t2:

Thanx dear @lpfan61 :hugs::heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::hugs: and lol :joy: Rob?! You’re incredible :joy: @the_termin8r


I just find it funny that she of all people should get flagged for nothing. Kind of poetic I think. :joy:


Terminator poesie :joy:

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I am glad that you took your time to write this.
It was never an intention to ruin the atmosphere here. Not at all.

I understand you’ve been here for years and you made your own community if I understand well and been here for each other and got used to your own way of communication and co existing

However, the fact that you and the fans who are friends that you’ve been here for years doesn’t mean at all that we are fans,supportive and have been here (not meaning the forum) for LP since 1 day or 2.

You never know some of us couldn’t join the LPU long time ago. Maybe some of us lived in other continents where no rock band passes by? And maybe some of us cried their heart out everytime they see LP touring everywhere and seeing these crowds, hearing this live song, behind a screen unable to do anything?

Joining the community recently doesn’t mean we’ve not being supportive for other fans, or that we had no understanding of how things work with fans. Maybe joining here and the fact we didn’t know many of you in the forum, feels for you like pooping in your living room but one thing I believe in, the LP is a family and I’ve never seen one that is more united and who doesn’t need words to understand each of our feelings towards the band, what we’ve been through in our lives…etc.

It’s only recently where I’ve been able to join in real life LP fans, I didn’t know any of the people I met during the tour of Mike but none felt like a stranger. The connection was so amazing. We shared a lot, helped each other, spread love and worked on flashmobs together and when anyone tries to attack anything related to LP, I know that our walls are not from glass.

This is to say, the band and the community do not belong to a specific group of people. We’re all involved and we are all open to know each other and understand each other. You’ve seen from the way I was responding to you that I was trying to get your point and forget about offense. We can learn each other and from each other and this was the msg of Chester, just love each other and celebrate music.

Misunderstanding someone here because we’re new to the forum doesn’t mean that our intentions are bad nor that we came here to ruin everything. This would be just awful. All my life I’ve been waiting to belong to this family in real life and despite having internet friends who were fans, it wasn’t at all like what’s happening in real life or once u meet these people for real. I was deprived from all this and since I moved to Europe I directly became one because all the ones I met saw how involved and caring I was.

I am used to the Facebook groups of the fandom and unfortunately not to the LPU forums because I simply couldn’t be a member years ago.

I am sorry if I offended anyone when I reacted in the beginning to the comments of your friend. I simply misunderstood and thought someone has been attacking a fan. My intention was to defend a fan and never the opposite.

Sorry for this long msg and no matter what, I’m grateful that we, at least, communicated.

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Okay… And now let’s all give each other a big hug and go play along… Plenty enough fun stuff to do here :hugs::joy::heart::grin: