Loudwire's Best Hard Rock Song of the 21st Century

Linkin Park’s In The End is in a poll vs Three Days Grace’s Animal I Have Become to be chosen as the Best Hard Rock Song of the 21st Century on Loudwire’s website. Linkin Park has a major lead right now, but Three Days Grace is trying to catch up like Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams did in the semifinals, so go vote for them as many times as you want at this link: http://loudwire.com/linkin-park-vs-three-days-grace-rocktober-rumble-final-round/
You can vote once per each one hour until the poll closes at 10:00 am EST on Tuesday. I hope that they might win the title and gets a lot of support from the fans.

This is where they stand right now.

great that’s nice to know ill vote now thank you

Yeah, LP is winning! :sunglasses:

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I can’t believe LP aren’t in the hall of fame yet, probably because LW have been choosing weaker songs to compete with band with better songs and bigger fanbases. However, with that being said, Red are a small band and they were the first ones in there.


They can’t even be nominated for another 9 years. How is Red in the Hall of Fame?

Btw guys, all these “contests” are pre-determined, no matter how many times you vote, it won’t matter. The winners are already selected.

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Why? They get into the hall of fame if their selected song wins 5 consecutive polls.

Because they’re awesome.

We’re not talking about the same Hall of Fame apparently.

No I was talking about the cage match one. Which one did you mean?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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idk what that is.

The real thing https://www.rockhall.com

I’ve never seen that before.

It’s a huge honor for artists to be nominated for induction, something like getting a nobel, it’s a big deal.

Yep and they still going strong since I went to bed last night but that could change like when Green Day was ahead of them in the semifinals LP caught up and just barely made it to the finals. So even though 3DG is not doing so well as the deadline to the poll ending nears they may get a bunch of more votes to try and get ahead of LP but I don’t know for sure. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Thanks. The more support they get the better the chance they will stay ahead of their competitors in the poll.

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If that is true, Linkin Park was rigged to win which is kind of unfair but in my opinion In The End was the best hard rock of our century since if it wasn’t for that plus LP other singles from Hybrid Theory that album wouldn’t have went Diamond in recent years. That certification I have never heard any other rock band/artist getting so it is amazing that LP has one of the best albums of the last few decades.

Awesome, thanks. :+1:

I’m not saying HT is not the best debut album of the 00s, it probably is, but all these competitions are usually pre determined. MTV awards and all that are as well. I honestly never understood people’s need to vote or whatever, a stupid award or title doesn’t make the band, the music does. Even the Grammys’ liability is in question the last few years.