LOST IN THE ECHO video is awesome

wow. I posted earlier that it was just too hard to log in and watch the video…but now that i did…WOW WOW WOWZER! How did they do that??? To see myself in the video. SWEET!

this interactive sh… is awful…hope they release the real video soon

Most epic thing they’ve ever done!! Loved it that it was interactive! :smiley: And the video itself is really really awesome :smiley:

Best song ever, worst video ever!

I love this video. It´s as painful as beautiful…
Thank you, Linkin Park for letting us all be a part of this!!!
Amazing idea…

What do you think about it?
Please take care of yourselves!
And enjoy your lives with your lovers!!!


Nothing happens in this video… This is Boring…

Sad to say that :frowning:

I can’t watch them… grrrr :frowning:

Cant watch it

This Video is Awesome!! I LOVEEED…see me in that video is so amazing! They always surprise me, they ar the BEEEST!

It was funny. One of my picture it used was me at the LP concert

Video is awesome … but i have big problem with this!
" Wish i saw lp members in the video! " :wink:

I loved it specially the AMAZING effects in it ! , people that didn’t like it clearly don’t understand the message, WATCH IT AGAIN TILL YOU GET IT !

i loved the video… but i agree the band should have been in it. i loved the interaction as well.

how can one see the video?/

oh my god :smiley:
hahahaha I just had the shock of my life hahahahah
I watched the video and suddenly I saw my own pic there and at first I didn’t knew that its an interactiv thing and I was so goddamn shocked hahah I thought what the fuck XDD
but really great idea, the video is amazing!!!

I loved it!!! it’s the best song, and a great video… it was so weird to see my pictures in there!!! How did they think of that!? it’s great!!!

Guys, that cool video, I confess I expected to see the band, but he was amazing, congratulations!

Yes it is awesome, I agree. To make it interactive & involve our information is genius.

I think the video is a waste of time and money. Its not music channel playable as it makes literally no sense and although its a pretty neat thing, anyone with a bit of patience can make the exact same effect on there computer with the right video editing software - half the pictures it chose of mine were awful anyway (eg. gig shots I was tagged in and nightclub photos)

I assume there is another video due to be released, a proper one - I say this because Mike was saying about how the band was on set on twitter a while ago, and there was obviously no band in this video.

Disappointed simply because im not amused by gimmicky effects, although the old lady screaming along with the music did mack me chuckle.