Living Things - SONG No 12 is MISSING!

The last song from the album Living Things is numbered as THIRTEENTH.
Please everybody - check your CD’s. I want to hear more LP music, I want to hear song no 12! By the way - Linkin Park - great job, amazing songs

I know. I noticed that too. It’s very odd

Hidden track? Or an unreleased track that’ll be published later? Or simply a mistake… I’m curious :wink:

well, maybe is just a mistake

Or maybe Linkin Park is superstitious about the number 12 o_O

That’d be nice…
I hope there’s a hidden one on the CD [biggrin]

How weird. I hope it is a hidden track or something else mysterious and exciting!

I hope it is a hidden track too. I’m curious now

I dont think so unless if there is another song to join after Tinfoil… but its very odd at the same time… curiosity kills!!!

I noticed it too. What about Sabotage ? They have played it at the Last concerts and it isn’t on the album…

… “Sabotage” is a song by Beasty Boys. LP covered it in order to honor them.

Oh. I haven’t know it. Damn ://
Btw, I’ve been in Leipzig too :slight_smile: awesome concert!

Ha! You’re right. My bet is that it’s a mistake. If you’ve been watching the LPTV episodes (most notably the ‘Album Cover’ episode), the band were pushing deadlines to get the album released on time. They only had a week to get the album title, cover, and song names in the right order finalized. So my guess is that in the rush to get it all finished they made a mistake in the track numbering, especially since the numbers are represented by dots instead of digits.

Its probably on purpose to mess with us, probably a joke from Joe or Mike xD.

yes i´ve noticed it too AND if i put the cd into my pc the songs have wrong names… not the workingtitles that would be understandable …here is the tracklist : don´t stay, somewhere i belong, lying from you, papercut, points of authority, runaway, faint, from the inside, with you, crawling, in the end, a place for my head,

and it says everything is live from nottingham xD

@Vanessa.: Are you serious right now ? o.O


What CD are you talking about? O_o lol

is this about CD or digital download? As my digital download is 1 to 12 [smile][cool]
Ive not taken the CD out of its case, cant be getting it dirty!

i´m serious … i mean it plays the right songs so im okay with that :smiley:
e.g. you listen to victimized but the pc says the song is called faint

i´m talking about living things xD

just checked it and … Vanessa is right. xD
Goodamnit! This band is great! xD
What the fuck did they do?! xD
I can’t even …
We’re the fans of the biggest trolls on earth, guys.