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I want everyone to share their reactions and thoughts when they first heard the album Living Things and please I do not want the old and new LP crap. LP is LP, they were awesome and they always will be.

The album begins with Lost in the Echo which is amusing and gives you a clear feel of what’s coming up leaving you all excited for it and when it ends at Powerless, it is just hear warming as well as breaking. I wanted more. Living Things couldn’t be better. I love this album and loved every song on it. I have no favorite, they all are awesome.

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Ah man, I thought I was going to get it today, living in the UK and all but apparently I pre ordered it before that was announced or something so it’s gonna come tomorow instead :confused:

Anyway, I heard the stream thing that they did and I have to say that the album is really damn impressive. The band’s really found a new sound pretty quickly and it sounds amazing! It doesn’t just feel like “oh that’s a pretty cool thing” but more of a “whoa, this is a revolution in music” kind of way. Just like they changed music 12 years ago with Hybrid Theory, they’ve done it again now :smiley:

Legendary Album

I just bought the album and i heard some songs on youtube and i love most off the songs on the new album …

Well as I was leaving to go out on a roadtrip this past Saturday I had the pleasant surprise of the CD falling through my letter box. Obviously nobody had a choice in the matter and it went straight on as I set out.

I’ve got to say it’s pretty epic to drive to (and in general). The intro to Lost in the Echo sets the tone of the album and it builds up nicely to the thought provoking lull between I’ll be Gone and Roads Untraveled - not including Victimized which has some of Shinoda’s best stuff.

For me, though, the highlight of the album in terms of cool new stuff has got to be Brad’s part in Until it Breaks. It works so well to add atmosphere to the track and just builds on the awesome lyrical work elsewhere (“I’m just a Banksy” etc.) The album ends at the right time too. Building up to Powerless is a cool way to leave you thinking about the futility evident throughout the lyrics in this album as well as leaving us begging for more.

So, overall, the album is one of the best yet. There isn’t a single track that I skip over (which is a first - cure for the itch, nobody’s listening etc.) and I can see myself having this on constantly for the next 2-3 years! See y’all on tour.

I’ve gotta admit, after Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns, both AMAZING in their own ways, started out as really bad departures. Until they found their way back around to my ears at the right time in my life (when I split with my ex-wife) and they’ve become just as important to me as Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

Living Things began strong and ended strong and never let up the entire time while listening to it. At first, the intro in Lost In The Echo had me do a double-take, then I immediately understood what they meant they said they were bringing tools they’ve learned over the years from the previous 4 albums and combining them.

You can actually hear older songs like Pushing Me Away, In The End, Nobody’s Listening while hearing elements from MTM and ATS. My favourite parts would have to be Brad’s vocals and the chorus to I’ll Be Gone. They fuckin’ nailed this album on the damn head!

I’ve loved this band from the beginning when I first saw One Step Closer on tv at my grandma’s house and, although they’ve shocked me with some releases, have been one of my favourite bands and most influential things to help me through anything I needed.

I’m sorry, are you saying you skip cure for the itch and Nobody’s Listening???

Someone get this guy’s earholes checked!!

I’m sorry, are you saying you skip cure for the itch and Nobody’s Listening???

Someone get this guy’s earholes checked!![/quote]
lol, I love all LP songs too

I love it [biggrin] its amazing, some of the lyrics are so deep and epic!! I’ve had it on repeat ever since I bought it! [smile][biggrin]

I felt several feelings… It’s an album really special and really diversified. I adore it simply! Roads Untraveled gave me shivers it’s so crazy! Lyrics are deep and real in the same time… whoaaa…

I’m sorry, are you saying you skip cure for the itch and Nobody’s Listening???

Someone get this guy’s earholes checked!![/quote]

A doc looked over my earholes after I stood at the front of Projekt Revolution in '08 - they’re a bit mangled now :wink: Nobody’s Listening grew on me waaaay after the release of the album, but I hate to admit I still don’t actively seek out Cure for the Itch these days.

I think out of their entire back catalogue, to only really skip one track now (and two way back when) they must be doing something right! Anyway, back on topic - the point was I think this is the most complete album since Meteora and it’s just the right length with all the right elements to make it an instant classic :slight_smile:

I love the album, and I can’t really see why people don’t

I am not a patterned to be followed, But one to be evolved into something new. You can hear it in the way that they took the previous elements and with the powers of alchemy made platinum out of gold a mix of the old and Nu and came out with a hellfire album! LIVING THINGS gave life to my imagination taking me on that Audible oddesy I was never lost during the trip! I feel it’ll surpass Hybrid Theories record! They are always on top to me but just hoping the world sees and hears what I hear!

My first reactions was surprising, in a very good way!
First with the “Lost in the echo” i automatically understood that It’ll be one of the top songs of LP and surely one of my favorites! I found the first 5 tracks stunning, castle of glass is just for me a good song, not bad! next is victimized, i must confess that first i didn’t like it very much but after hearing it many times i loved it, roads untraveled takes 3 out of 5, skin to bone is just an awesome song, Until it breaks is so vivid at the begging but Brad’s part is not what i wanted to follow and last but the best is powerless which is one of my favorite all time songs of Linkin Park! generally the albums takes 9 out of 10! :slight_smile:

I love all songs on this album (well, except Victimized). It’s my favourite album after Meteora! Can’t wait to listen it today with Mike and share my appreciation for the band’s great job!

My album just arrived, and I’m currently listening to it. I’m just on the fifth track, but I’m loving it. It has everything, to the sound they had on their early days, to a new beat. I like it. WHEN THEY WAKE NEW ALBUM COMING SOON

Love the new album. Took the day off work just to enjoy it. LP is the greatest and I have to say ‘Living Things’ is a perfect title for this album.

So far I won’t put it above ATS but like all of their albums it deserves its own spot. FYI I love ATS, I put it on par with Hybrid Theory!

I’m listening to LT for the first time right now (currently “Skin to Bone”) and think that it’s going to be playing repeatedly,… well, until the 1’s and 0’s wear out.

I love the vibe of this band, and the music is the vibe. There’s variety under the basic umbrella (which is huge) for these guys. There’s no putting this music into a category, except enjoyable. Each song that plays is like opening a present on my birthday; some are better than others, but all so far, are worth hearing again and again.

Thanks for the music, fellas, keep up the great work. The world is loving this stuff.

I also got the album this morning and have not quite gotten through the whole album as I am writing this but I am very damn pleased. Like the last couple albums, I had no idea how to rap my head around what to expect. I loved MTM and ATS but I can definitely say that Living Things opened much stronger than ATS and has kept a better pace to the album. I still honestly feel that Brad’s guitar talents aren’t being used enough. But I LOVE that Mike is much more vocal on this album and the flow to the songs reminds me a lot of the younger days of LP, just with a new sense of creativity and musical evolution.

I got the digital download last night and downloaded it but am waiting for the actual CD like Mike wanted. :smiley:
This day is going to drag until the mail comes!! Listening to BID and LGM over and over…
I heard Powerless at the end of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter–spectacular!

Linkin Park has never disappointed!! Thanks guys!!