Account Migration


I saw @the_termin8r mentioned this in [insert totally nifty topic here], but I felt it deserves it’s own topic


Good luck guys :pray:t2:


So happy about this!


Yes. I have seen and I feel happy. When I took the survey I let it all out. And now I can’t wait to see what our new site will look like :3


Wait, what survey?

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There was a survey about a month ago, asking about the site and changes we might want and alll that. I think it was LPU only though.


There was a survey I think in a email


Ah, that’s probably why I missed it. Most of the LP / LPU emails don’t even get to my inbox for some reason which is odd since all my other accounts get all the emails.

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You might want to check spam or junk mail. For some odd reason if you get too much incoming mail it goes into other spots.

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Bad Jordy!!

[insert Jordy attack here]



I do, they just don’t come through. I might have something changed in my forum settings now that I think of it. Though to be honest, I don’t really want to be getting emails either.


Yeah forum emails are poopie however from the headquarters isn’t bad. And they rarely send out anything


I thought the survey was for LPU moderators and staff only so I never mentioned anything about it. I also was a little hard insisting that they do not remove the forum, and who knows if that made any difference, but it’s still gonna be here so that’s a good sign.

It may be a small change, but I’m happy things are switching back to

Unless emails were sent out specifically to LPU moderators separately from the LPU emails, it didn’t have to do with being an active LPU member or having forum emails on, my LPU expired in November and I have forum emails off




I am as shocked as you, I didn’t even know there was a survey


I’m also so excited about this! Our new home will be wonderful and until there will be the forum you can move me everywhere! images


Shocked is a strong word lol. More like confused.

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thanks for the survey and so grateful thanks for keeping LPU alive. You just rock! :metal:t2::pray:t2::hearts:

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Yeah that’s the right word

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I’d like to take this moment to say I told you so…again. Obviously the forum was down today, but now that it’s back, it slightly broken for me and it’s not even 1/5/19 yet. My notifications are refusing to register as being read, and it took me 2 mins to load a single pic in the joke thread despite my wifi being perfectly fine. I love being smug. :joy: