Linkin Park @ Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 20/06/2017

Got my ticket in the pre-sale. It will be my first LP concert. I really hope for many Hybrid Theory and Meteora tracks. Meet & greet would be great.

Who else is going?


I doubt that, they’ll be playing mainly OML stuff.

Hey, I’ll be going, too! Are you excited? By the way, do you guys know when the M&G contest should pop up on the website? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but it’s been a while since I’ve been around… long story. Anyways, this’ll be my 9th concert of theirs. I’m curious to see how OML plays out live and especially how the fans will react to it.

Yeah pretty excited, just before the tour announcement I was watching old LP concerts, pretty awesome live band.

M&G contest is coming soon according to the LPU mail. So be patient.

Wow 9 times. Which live performance was your favourite?

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Haha, me, patient? I’ve been away for too long, lol.

My favorite performance was back in 2012, when Telekom Streetgigs organized a very special club show in Das Admiralspalast, Berlin. It was a beautiful and intimate venue and the guys recognized me from the M&G I had a week ago. I still had my pink mohawk back then, so of course they did. That was an amazing time. I’m not a big fan of the Ziggo Dome, though, not really of arena concerts in general and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday, the guys will go back to playing club shows and saying hi to their fans by their buses. I understand they’re a world famous rock band, but ever since I got into Deftones, I’ve been rather spoilt, lol.

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I’ll be there! It’s my second LP concert, the first one being the 2014 amsterdam show.

This is my first lpu membership though and i was wondering if there is early access to the venue for lpu members or is that only with lpu summits?

This is going to be My 5th show I Will attend. I had a M&G wit Them at pukkelpop and a couple weeks ago in Amsterdam (Mike and Chester)

Yay! Bought my tickets this morning and am so thrilled. Will be my 2nd LP concert :smiley:

I was in Ziggo Dome before, when it was just Amsterdam Arena in a time when boybands were populair… The acoustic wasn’t that impressive back then at the Arena and I fear it will be the same way when Linkin Park plays. But it’ll be fun no doubt!

The standing area is large. So… Who’s planning on showing up really early to get a good spot with their field ticket? Making a nice camp out in front of the Ziggo Dome?

Probably me, unless I’d win the M&G-lottery. What’s ‘really early’ mean at the LPU? I guess I could be there around noon, but I doubt that’d be ‘really early’ to most fans of the guys, lol. :sweat_smile: Camping out would seem a little bit extreme to me. I don’t know whether the venue would allow that either.

I could be wrong, but I just read that regular tickets have already sold out! :open_mouth: I did not expect that! I’m glad I did buy my ticket in the presale this time. I do also wonder about summits, early entry, VIP packages and all that jazz, but it’s been said that official announcements will follow soon. Like I said, I’m not quite the most patient person around. :wink:

I also go there, does anyone have any information about early entry possibilities?

In 2014 I was there at about 9.00 in the morning, which was indeed a bit crazy but there were already people waiting outside long before me. Most fans showed up about noonish, though.

When I checked just now at ticketmaster site I was still able to buy floor tickets.

I too wonder about early entry. Not an LPU member so guess we’ll just wait and see :slight_smile:

9 O’clock AM? I’m glad I’m crazier about Deftones, because that’s quite nuts… some smaller venues even have set times for when they allow their fans to get in line, I read somewhere. It’s impossible to get up to the bars, but oh well… did you get to stand in the golden circle? I never did with Linkin Park. It’d ruin my experience to be up on my feet for so long beforehand. I’d rather stand a bit more in the back, relax and enjoy the show without getting myself hurt too badly, lol.

Perhaps I’m dead wrong, but I read somewhere that an announcement about early entry or something alike should be made ‘soon’ and that we should keep our eyes peeled. I’d been an LPU-member for a couple of years before I’d left the forum, but I’ve never gotten early entry. I’ve never bought a VIP-package or whatsoever either, but I’m curious about what the LPU will be offering this year when it comes to membership benefits. Nothing much has been announced yet, am I right? At least for the Amsterdam show I can’t find any real updates about them. I’m sorry if I’m far behind, but then again, it’s been a while. Am I missing anything?

Yeah it was crazy and I don’t think I’ll be there this early again. I did get to be at the front bars so for me it was totally worth it last time :stuck_out_tongue:

There were girls who came all the way from Germany and further and had been sleeping there at the HMH from as early as 3 in the morning I kid you not. I don’t know what the policy is for Ziggo Dome now when it comes to people waiting at the doors. It would be better if they didn’t allow people to camp out at all.

Exactly, you’re totally right. When did that take place? I understand that some fans are extremely dedicated and I admire that, only they should be protected from their own shenanigans. If they’d camp out there, they could easily fall ill or become exhausted before the concert even starts, or they could pass out at the front row and none of that is something I’d wish upon anyone. I don’t know whether Ziggo Dome has a policy for this, but I don’t know either whether they’d check on those early birds and offer them water and make sure there are bathrooms nearby, for instance. You can’t expect their crew to take on all those extra responsibilities. I think there should be a policy against it and especially when it comes to extremely popular bands like Linkin Park.

Edit: I fixed a grammar mistake.

This was during the last concert of theirs in 2014. I was surprised too. I recall girls getting pulled out the crowd once the show started. People shoving and pushing one another non-stop in a packed venue and the lack of enough rest can result in health risky situations indeed.

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Wow, it must be a good thing I wasn’t there back then… I thought you were talking about 2003 or something, but that sounds like a bad time. :confused: There will always be these young, inexperienced fans who think they’re unbeatable: they’ll get in the pit, get hurt and get pulled out. Every concert has them. The first few rows of a concert are not quite a friendly environment and some people just refuse to give a flock of flying flamingos about that. I’m built like a mix between a hobbit and a football player and I’m rather seasoned when it comes to live shows, but even I take my safety measures. I had to take someone to the hospital last year at a Deftones show, because she -a very petite Asian woman- got hurt at the front row. Thank God she was alright, but she could’ve sustained serious injuries! Safety first, take it from someone who’s learnt that by painful experience.

It wasn’t all bad in 2014. It was still a great show and there were also nice folks in the crowd :slight_smile: I think the band just didn’t expect that so many people would actually show up for that show. And maybe that’s why they now choose Ziggo Dome instead of HMH. Because it’s much bigger.

That’s so sad about the Asian woman! Good to know she turned out to be ok. People can be fanatic and crazy at concerts, totally agree on that.

As a teenager I’ve been to a lot of boyband concerts. Though pop music may be sugar sweet; There is something absolutely terrifying about thousands of screaming disillusioned fans with raging hormons. LOL, just like a football player indeed I too had to protect my baby brother, my little cousin and myself during every show. :muscle:

So far the most easy going crowd I’ve seen at a concert was at an Eminem concert. Most of the front row crowd was stoned out of their minds and very laid back.:sweat_smile:


I wish i could see them but i cant afford it.:disappointed:

Awww, hope you get to see them sometime too. :slight_frown:

So… Enthused about my regular field tickets, I tried speculating how big the “VIP” area will be.
I remember in Heineken Music Hall that the VIP area really wasn’t all that big.

Here’s a map of Ziggo Dome looks like on the inside :slight_smile: