Linkin Park listening party London

Tell me when you have a date !
I don’t think it will be possible in march… Anyway, that’s probably better if there’s a karaoke :joy:

haha well you don’t have to participate. we are usually dancing and singing along to ukulele or guitar

Linkin Park + Ukulele + Me singing = :100:

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group singing no worries :wink:

Thankfully ! Anyway, I’m way to shy to sing alone in front of people :sweat_smile:

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me too, but that is not stopping me from singing lol

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That’s the good state of mind ! I care way to much about what others thinks of me :see_no_evil:

we have many that can’t sing. but we sing together and karaoke is just if you want it. we are not even sure if there will be one.

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If only I lived closer to London, but I live in Runcorn, hundreds of miles away

Don’t know yet, depends on Work.