Linkin Park listening party London

I wish I could but it’s not exactly two miles away :joy: I can’t get to London by foot !

true before March or July you’ll get here!

And I don’t have a car so I’ll have to take the train… :thinking:
Being who I am, never preparing anything, if I come you’ll know it like 2 hours before :sweat_smile::joy:

well train is good! well if you come you can even show up. you can always join the london memorial for Chester group if you have facebook

Well I have fb but I never use it… It’s for working, I only use messenger when I do projects with other people… (I’m pretty much stuck in 2006 :sweat_smile: )

Do you know how much it is to do Paris - London ? Would be so happy to meet people from this family !!

I have absolutly no idea ! I don’t think it’s really expensive…

EDIT : Nevermind. Let’s rent a bike :joy: 209 euros !!!

it will be around 60 euro both ways by eurostar

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That’s what I have… (Meilleur Prix = Best Price, and i changed the hours to see when it was the cheapest)

mine showed me something different lol

I feel betrayed by the french train company :joy:

lol now it shows me 50 pounds one way lol

What ?! :joy::joy::joy:
That’s unfair !

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Thx, I’m gonna see, maybe it will be 40 ahaha

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If it is, I’m going to take them to court for unfairness ! :joy: Why can’t I go to the UK ?! :joy:

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30 from Paris then 30 from London, 60 :joy: Join us right now !


Alright I think I must have done something wrong why searching for tickets :joy:

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you see? come both of you

Money is less an issue than time (well, if tickets don’t cost 1000 euros :joy: )… I don’t know if I’ll have the possibility to come :confused: I don’t know yet if I’m working or doing smtg this summer… But if I’m not doing anything, I’ll try my best to come !


well i don;t have a date anyway. unless you come in march lol