Linkin Park Facts and Trivia

I thought it’d be cool to have topic full of little known Linkin Park facts and trivia, sort of like how LPLive has their random trivia on their sidebar! Only rule is to make sure they are reliable, not something you made up or a rumor!


DYK: That I don’t know any obscured facts about LP? Either that or I know a fair few but you guys know them too.

Did you know…

  • Linkin Park is only spelt “Linkin” and not “Lincoln” because was taken?

  • Xero was also known as “Xero 818” before becoming “Hybrid Theory”?

  • On the back cover of Living Things, each constellation beside each song title has one star per track number it is, except Powerless, which has 13 stars even though it’s the 12th song?

  • Mike and Mark Wakefield (from Xero) made a song about Barack Obama in 2008?

Time to get learning!

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Not quite. The second was the only one that is new to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I might have been the one that told you about the first one while we were in

Here’s more, did you know…

  • Despite never appearing next to each other, even on the special edition version of Hybrid Theory, Cure for the Itch ends with the beginning of High Voltage?

  • “Program”, a Meteora demo on LP Underground 11’s CD, was played in Frat Party at the Pankake Festival?

  • On LPU13’s CD, there is a demo named “Universe”, which Mike says never gained lyrics, but “Resurrection” by Kenna, released on Download to Donate, uses this song as a base, and was released 2 years before the LPU CD was released?

Nope :stuck_out_tongue: I saw it in a vid a few years ago

Yes apart from the last one :laughing:


That before their first record deal the band were rejected at least twice by everyone they went to.

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48 times in total if I remember correctly.

I found out a few days ago that Mike Elizondo was part of the band for a very very very short time, did you know?


Isn’t it crazy how many tracks Mike has written for other people that we probably don’t even know/will know about?
(Wasn’t the song’s original artist Lupe Fiasco? And it just featured Kenna?)


  • That Chester didn’t join Xero (Linkin Park) right after Grey Daze broke up; he first auditioned for a ska band called Kongo Shock.

  • Relative Degree, Grey Daze and Xero aren’t the only one bands before Linkin Park? There were also:

No Clue/Physical Evidence (1991 - Rob and ???)
Sean Dowdell and His Friends? (1991 - Chester, Chris Goad, Sean Dowdell, Jason Cekoric)
The Pricks (1994 - Brad and ???)
Calabasas High School Jazz Band (1995 - Rob)
Sac (199? - Chester and Sean Dowdell; heavy industrial project)
Kongo Shock (1998)
Mike also did a song with Ryu in 1995

Nope I didn’t. Looks like @xTirea out did you here @TripleXero

DYK that Rob has also done drugs after his first band broke up (I just remembered this when @xTirea mentioned his Jazz band)?

DYK that Brad’s 7-string Ibanez he used back in the HT era had its nickname? This guitar was called “Satan”.

And this “LP Burst” PRS Custom 24 from 2009 is called “St. Pete”?

DYK that guitar used for Figure.09 in 2003-2004 was also used in 2007-2011 for No More Sorrow? Now this guitar belongs to Mike and he uses it for Waiting For The End
Another interesting thing about this PRS are strings: look at them (later in 2007 they were normal)

Why are there so many things I dunno?

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These two have written so many songs together. Not many people got to hear any of that expect of a few lucky peeps. (Reseda Beach, which Mike has produced and is also feautured in a couple of songs, being one album a few of us got to listen to years before it was released).

Nothing weird about it. Just the E and G strings missing.

On the guitars note, best place to know everything about LP’s guitars is this.

seems to learn the facts like just, mbvocabulary, but @tripleXero and @evooba you´re sure experts, thanks for sharing, is this an lpu only or all access topic? :rose:

Honestly, there are so many facts it’s insane. For me it’s hard to even think of one, I just randomnly go “Oh yeah, I knew that” xD But it’s fun finding such things out.

It’s under The Barracks so it’s open to everyone.


I’m sure some of you know this because I tried to make it the last song played in the room, but did you know Nicki Minaj did a remix of Numb/Encore?


Ohhh… I’ll have to check that later.

Nice share…lol thanks @tripleXero

I’m watching the Making of Meteora for the first time, and Program is played in there, too. They must have really liked the demo. Also possible the part recorded was from the same footage, don’t really have time to compare the footage. They for sure showed the same clip of Somewhere I Belong

Did you know that Chester did a track with Dj Lethal back in 2001/2 or so?

@TripleXero You’re gonna make me watch every making of/documentary/whatever of theirs again and take notes of every little detail lol.



Anything else that I do not know?