Last Letter game vol II

:joy: hope you didn’t get scolded for that…


Real ( no I just got a warning and my friend started to sing along too it )


Later (lol, I imagine somewhere I Belong going off at school :joy: )

Real ( at least it was that and not my other friends ringtone because she has a special one for her favorite one )

Linkin (Park?)

Love (ok! I got it guys!)

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Yes @chigokurosaki that one would have got me in trouble I have my main one then one for my mom one for Amber and one for my other friend)

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Each (lol ok)

Hybrid ( so Yeah at least it wasn’t burn it down that played)

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Danger :laughing:

Real ( trouble of it was that)

Lol (it was burn it down? I can understand how teachers would overreact over this.)

Lol ( no thankfully but it could have been I have a few different songs for people but still my mine one is somewhere I belong so glad it was only somewhere I belong

Love (to see the look on their faces if a harder LP song got played. :tada: :joy: )

Even ( oh like my mom’s ringtone one step closer)

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Need (:joy::joy::joy: I can see the look they would give!)

Dear ( especially at my favorite part of that song)

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May I please make my classmates watch this in English torrmow

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Right (yes you may)