Last Letter game vol II

Try ( good because English is going to suck torrmow because we are looking at lyrics form a song I don’t even know but seems like everyone else knows it)

Yes (play LP then lol. Sounds like they need it)

Super ( I know But at least everyone gets to choose a song for the class to study so at least that’s fair but only one )

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Related (so choose what you want to play the most)

Dear ( this is going to be hard but I have time to think since I am last on the list)


(Hey, where you from @Iridescent13?)



Except (Missouri, you?)

Triangle (Yay, fellow American lol)

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Express :open_hands:

(Nice, I’m in Ca-oddly enough there aren’t many Americans on the forum(at least in the evening time haha)

Till (yes lol)

Listened :musical_note:

Dedication ( welcome again @Iridescent13 And good night soldiers or morning)

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No ( @melisLP now we are cool :joy: )

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Of (course we are @ashesoftime lol)

Forgiven ( good morning @melisLP)

Nest (morning @turners34. How are you?)