Last Letter game vol II

Definitely ( take a cruchy „y“ )

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Yesterday (back to you, lets sing this. :unicorn: & :lollipop: oh yeah oh yeah)

I say oh…

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I say yeah! :unicorn:! :lollipop:! :unicorn:… ( go on :joy:- cause my word is:)


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Yay (continues, :unicorn: & :lollipop: oh…yeah…)

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Yeepppyyyy!my dear! pleasure for me too!! :blush::blush::blush::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

Yeeppy :joy:

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Yawning (:unicorn: & :lollipop: )

Great ( I remember the day you brought up the new rule @chigokurosaki :joy:)

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Thread (lol I do slightly)

Down :arrow_down:


Eventually (so “discord” I can join wherever I want that’s it? I don’t have enough time for the time being but I think in the future I will join it… it sounds good!!)

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Yes (discord is also convenient for if You’re in a hurry and you can chat with people here quicker.)

Sweet ( and every time there’s a new message it will tell you unlike the forum)

This (yes that too. may want to put your phone on silent lol)

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Sleep ( especially during a lecture or a class)


Played (you’ve had that happen I’m guessing? :joy: )

Dear ( yes and every told me to turn my music off and I said that’s not my music that’s my ringtone good thing this only happened once)

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Ridiculous :grin:

Somewhere (I Belong :joy: )

Even ( was rushing form lunch and I forgot to put my phone back on silent)

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