LA - Gen Admis Only... WTH

Went to preorder tickets and it says General Admission only. I can’t believe that’s all they’re offering. Taking my two sons for their first concert and that’s no good for them. SO dissappointed.

Also the price was $142.50 a person. Wow!!! That’s expensive. But now it says $118.50. Weird that there’s different pricing.

Ya I understand you because I’m going to take my son as well but I want to get seating if I’m bringing a kid. :confused: Guess I can always wait until I can buy seat tix though :slight_smile:

Agreed! I had planned on getting reserved seats because I looked at the venue seating chart and its a soccer stadium and the general admission is going to be huge. 3/4 of the place is going to be general admission. Reserved would have been better.

Yeah, the thing is Incubus presale is not going to be in my favor. It never is.

Agreed. ran into the same issue. I know in the past they have assigned seats after the pruchase has been made so I am wondering if this is the same…I hope.

even when you choose the 118 price, it still charges you 142

yeah it switched prices on me too, but I bought the tickets anyway in fear of them selling out. So damn expensive.

It doesnt sound like they will assign seats this time. If so you would choose reserved seating but not be given a seat til the week before. It sounds like this is meant to be a huge general admission festival type.

I had bought tickets to the Chula Vista show and was going to sell them for face value on ebay if I got these ones. Now I’m thinking of just keeping them. Seem like even seats would be somewhat far from the stage cause I’m hearing its really big.

When I got tickets to last years concert at Staples Center it also said GA tickets and then they were assigned seats, and really good ones…hopefully its the same thing here…If not, Hopefully they only have a small GA sections like they did with Coldplay a few years back…If the entire field is GA, that will be pretty crappy for $118/$142 or whatever they end up charging us…

Assigned seats are coming. The venue screwed something up last minute. Seats WILL be available shortly. Sorry for the confusion.

Yeah $142 for 1 ticket that is General Admission is just ridiculous. This isn’t Rush. I love Linkin Park, more than anyone will understand, but this is just ridiculous. I was about to buy tix to the Alberta Canada show just so i wouldn’t have to pay almost $100 to see them. Then i could make a vacation out of it, and not feel like all I got for all my money was a couple hours of 2 of my favorite bands.

Adam: will the already purchased tix become assigned seating or do we have to purchase more tickets to get assigned seating? I hope not. Thank you.

ADAM - do you where we will be able to see our assigned seats?

I just got 2 reserved seats, with seat assignments!

[quote=]Adam: will the already purchased tix become assigned seating or do we have to purchase more tickets to get assigned seating? I hope not. Thank you.

great. NOW they offer reserved seating…


And be nice to them. This was NOT their fault. It was the venue/promoters fault. We want to make sure you guys are taken care of, so please don’t go crazy on them.

Thansk for the tip Adam.