Hi there! Well, I haven’t seen any post about them, so I’m creating it :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you think about them??
Has anybody heard the new songs??

I like them, although there are some songs I sometimes can’t stand… Anyways, I like Jonathan David’s voice a lot. It has something that bewitches me… :slight_smile:

Korn is one of my favorite bands for sure. Many of their songs are personal favs of mine as well as the new ones from The path to totality. The live performances as well as the HUGE amount of merch is incredible.

Seen them live twice. Once on Projekt Rev in 2004, and again last year with Fiver Finger Death Punch and 2Cents. Had I not shown up late I would have seen Janus too…

Not bad … but the last album is …

reaaaaaally like them! their rock am ring 2007 performance was just insane

Korn is great my fav songs include Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, Somebody, Someone and some others :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Woco21]Korn is great my fav songs include Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, Somebody, Someone and some others :stuck_out_tongue:

They have got some amazing songs and no I haven’t heard the new ones :S

Korn, one of the best fuckn band. I saw them many times, they always do a great show everytime they play in Argentina.

I like Twist and I listen their Greatest Hits…the last album is horrible for me (except for “Get Up!”) :slight_smile:

ty to my older brother he got me into korn
how can i not comment on this post. good times listening to korn

awww Korn. Love them :D. Haven’t listened to them for a while now.

I love Korn’s older stuff, but once we get to their stuff from, like, 2006/2007…I no longer enjoy it. My first LP show was Projekt Rev 2004 in Cincinnati, OH and Korn’s set was awesome. I totally lost the ability to hold my head up after Korn because I was banging my head so hard. :smiley: That was my first time seeing all of those bands and it was amazing. :smiley:

Like them too. But I don’t need the new albums. The greatest hits is awesome. Gonna see them again in in germany in march.:slight_smile:

I agree some songs are just great and other …

I quite like the dubstep stuff…can’t really compare it to their old music though. Still seeing them next year though. AWOOHOO!!

I like Korn because I also very much like Jonathan David’s voice. I haven’t heart all of their albums, by any means, and was quite surprised when I first heard them. I thought they would be different than they turned out to be, not that I am upset by that. This new albums was strange. I guess they were feeling a little bit dubstep, or something. I really liked a few songs, others were a little bit annoying. Someone who doesn’t like dubstep would hate the CD. I personally like Skrillex and the others, so I didn’t have a problem with it. I would like them to release another all around good CD like from years past, though.

Korn is definitely a great band. But with the departures of Head and David they started making some average music and their last dubstep stuff is really awful.

They are just goin’ a new way… like LP. It’s ok that everyone has his own taste of music. I like the new style. Mostly the co. with skrillex! Think it was time to “change”. Look at Limp Bizkit, for example. Where are they now? And LB was good but the “gold cobra” thing… i dunno. It’s like they have stuck.

If you guys ever get the chance, I recommend reading Brian “Head” Welch’s autobiography, “Save Me From Myself” His solo album under the same name isn’t half bad either.

Fieldy has a book out as well (Got The Life), I’ve never read that though