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So, the name says it all. Share any food recipes in here :yum:

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I’ll start. Classics of Russian kitchen: borch.

You’ll need:
Beef - 500gr
Potatos- 3-4
White cobbage - 350gr
Beets - 2
Bulb onion - 1
1 carrot
Lemon juice - 2 table-spoons
Some salt
Pepper(not really hot one, “balls”) - 3 pieces
2 bay leaves
Tomatos paste

First of all, you’ve got to boil the beef (something about 2,5 hours). Salt it. Take the meat out when it’s ready

Then rind potatoes. Chop it as cube form.
Rind carrots. Cut them as on the pic
Rind and chop beets and onion

Then you have to add potatoes to the bree.
While your potatoes are boiling , roast onion, then add carrots and beets. Add lemon juice and salt. Add some tomato paste.

Then add that roasted mixture into the bree. Cut some cabbage and add it. When the cabbage is ready, add bay leaves and taste it. Add some salt if needed. That’s all. Put the meat back(cut it if you need )

Borch is usually dished up with soar cream and garlic. (I’m really hungry because of this translation right now, and it’s 2:00 in here, lol)


nice one again@ NickGr, so here it goes on

Parpadelle al gorgonzola

You can do this vegetarian - with mushrooms maybe or as I do, with chicken meat! The amount of stuff is related to the peoplesnumber. I usually do it for three persons… so you need

2 onions
300 gr gorgonzola dolche
mushrooms or spinach or meat ( 500gr) or all together :yum:
50gr Butter
1 big spoon of oil
400 ml PROECCO (lol)
1 small spoon Vegetable broth powder
300 ml water
150 ml cream
Flour… maybe 150 gr max

250 gr Parpadelle


pull the pot on the flame- middle heat and put the butter in, melt it and pull the flour in, till the consistence is like nutella (lol)
then pull in the prosecco step by step Under constant stirring, until it becomes a creamy sauce -if you act to fast it’ll burn, so
pull in the Vegetable broth powder
still stirring
water as much as needed to keep it liquid, the cream into it, then pull it of the flame,still stearring… yes, this makes muscles guys, :stuck_out_tongue:
leave it off the flame and pull the whole gorgonzola in, so it can melt (ya smell it already??? sooo good :slight_smile:)
slide the whatever, mushrooms, meat,everything and another onion, pull a pan on the oven an the oil into it, if it is hot enough ( when you burn your finger though) put all together in and roast it, till it looks apetizing,salt, pepper,
then, the moment when the two become one… swicht the heat on low, right after, pull the former cooked sauce into the pan, stirring slow…
At this time the noodles have to be ready, pull them into the pan too, then parmesan all over…
ready to eat-buon appetito (cooking time 20mins)

Nick? The name of the thread I like to change… it sounds soooo mhhh, technically normal, or maybe even this is cool? Dunnow, just thinking on it! @NickGr


i will be soon trying it !!! it seems to taste good
so to do the typical Mauritian dish Chicken Curry
you need

1 whole chicken, cut into pieces
5 chicken curry leaves
1 small onion, slices
Salt to taste
2 large potatoes, cut into quarters
1 tablespoon chopped thyme leaves
1/2 tablespoon ginger paste and garlic paste
1 cup finely chopped coriander leaves
1 cup fined chopped spring onions
3 tomatoes, chopped
2 tablespoon curry powder
3 tablespoon oil
some water

Cut the chicken into equal bits and wash carefully.
Heat the dish you will use to prepare the curry with one tablespoon of oil and add the chicken.
Leave to cook for 3-5 minutes, remove and put aside.
In the same dish heat 2 tablespoon of oil.
Add sliced onion, thyme, curry leaves and stir fry for 2 minutes.
Add the curry powder in the dish and add some water to form a paste.
Add the ginger and garlic paste and some water, cover and simmer for 5 minutes
Put the chicken and potatoes in the dish, stir well, cover and cook until half done
Add the chopped tomatoes,salt and some water if required
Cover and cook until the chicken, potatoes and tomatoes are completely done (Check at various intervals)
Once the chicken is done, check for the consistency, turn off the heat and garnish with coriander leaves and spring onion
my fave dish :yum:

"You need to" game

Well, I didn’t think up anything better than this name)

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Winigrait recipe
(that’s really yummy one, i can eat a bucket)

So, you’ll n need:
4-5 potatoes
2-3 carrots
3-4 beets(quantity of all vegetables depends on how big they are)
One can of green pea
3-4 salted cucumbers( some recipes say to use usual cucumbers, but salted ones make this dish even more tasty)
2-3 bulb onions

First of all, boil carrots, potatoes and beets
Cut the onion and cucumbers.
Wait until boiled vegetables are cool and then cut all of them into cube-like pieces .
Mix all vegetables and put this salad into the fridge (for a few hours)
That’s all! Enjoy it. Best taste is with mayonnaise

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Oh, I’ve tried that dish! Really tasty one :yum:

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how many minutes approximately should you let the vegetables boil?


something about 2 hours.


thanks :yum:


This might be a bit too complicated for some, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Step 1
Go to any store that sells food, a gas station might work, too.

Step 2
Buy a package of Ramen Noodles.

Step 3
Go home.

Step 4
Make sure you bought this flavor. If you bought the wrong flavor, you already screwed up. You have to start all over from the beginning.

Step 5
Unpackage the Ramen Noodles.

Step 6
Put the Noodles in a bowl. Remove the seasoning packet. Microwaving that isn’t a good idea, I know from experience.

Step 7
Put water in the bowl (unless you like to eat dry noodles, I won’t judge you).

Step 8
Microwave bowl for 3 minutes (or for those who use the Metric system, 3 minutes). I know none of you have the patience to use the stove, even if it tastes slightly better.

Step 9
Remove bowl from microwave, preferably after the 3 minutes are over. Like I said, I won’t judge you if you want to eat raw noodles.

Step 10
Add seasoning to the noodles.

Step 11
Grab fork.

Step 12
Use said fork to stir noodles.

Step 13
Eat the Ramen Noodles.

Step 14


We don’t have Ramen, but we have Doshirack )) Will that count as well?


As long as it’s spicy, it should work


nice one Jordan,I knew every step and manage to fail on all,but at least it works to beat the hunger! one hint: buy three packs in a row… @jfar920 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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coconut fruit salad
80g papaya, cut into small bite sized pieces

80g pineapple, de-cored and cut into small bite size pieces

1 passionfruit (seeds & juice only)

5 lychees, fruits cut into quarters, syrup discarded

80g mango, de-cored, flesh cut into small sized pieces

1 kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into small pieces

125 ml coconut milk

1 vanilla pod, split and seeds only

50ml coconut water, chilled

3tsp light brown muscavado sugar

1/2 lime, zest only

crushed ice (if you want)

In a bowl, pour in 125ml of coconut milk (not the water from the can) just the cream, add in the vanilla seeds and muscavado sugar. Using a whisk whip this together for a couple of minutes till has thickened slightly. Set aside.

Prep all your fruit and assemble in layers into glasses, sprinkle over the lime zest and give this a mix.

Then spoon 2 tbsp of the coconut milk mixture into each glass over the fruit. Straight after pour in 25ml coconut water in each glass.

Mix all the ingredients together gently with a spoon, top with crushed ice if you want. You can add more of the coconut cream mixture if you want it to be more creamy.


Step 1 unclear , ended up in a clothes store :stuck_out_tongue:



You’ll need:

For the dough:

  • Flour - 584 gr
  • Hot water - 1,3 glasses
  • Salt - 1,(2/3) of a table spoon

For the filling:

  • Pork
  • 3-4 Bulb onions
  • Some allspice
  • Salt( 1 - 1,5 pinch)
  • A glass of milk

So, the first step is: cut the meat and onion into small pieces, then put it into a mincing machine. Mix it., add some salt and pepper
Then add some milk, until the meat becomes dense, but not so much wet. Mix this stuffing again.
The filling is ready.

Mix the flour with salt, add some hot water and then start mixing the dough. When it’ll become a smooth mass, take it to the floured surface and start kneading it.When it stops sticking to your hands - it’s ready to use.

Make “sausages” from your dough. Small ones. Then press them a little.
Roll all the pieces with a rolling-pin until you have middle-thick rounds
(Note: the next step makes a very good family tradition. The children’ll surely love taking part in it).

Put a spoon of meat in the center of every round( don’t put too much, it’s important). Then envelop every round ( don’t forget to press harder on the edges once you’ve enveloped ).
The main part is done. Then just put all of your pelmeniy into boiling salted water . Once they bob up, boil them for 5 minutes.
That’s all! Soar-cream makes this dish even tastier.

Can you touch your shoulders?

:yum: getting hungry! :smiley: Wondering ? You are able To make such things @NickGr


Yup, i surely can! But roasted potatoes and shiashlick( dish on open fire like kebab) are my best))


WOW - I am REALLY impressed! :clap:

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