KIA ORA from New Zealand

Kia ora & hello again LPU!

My name is Todd, I’m 23 and I’m from New Zealand.

I first joined LPU during LPU7 and have been a member on and off since then. A lot has changed in that time. Especially around here.

The last LPU that I signed up for was LPUXIII, in order to attend the NZ LPU Summit. After that, I picked up my interest again around The Hunting Party and then my musical tastes and life’s interests went in a different direction.

Following Chester’s passing, everything came back to me. All the love for the band and the memories I had with their music, as well as the love for the community. I felt so much sadness. I cried watching the LINKIN PARK & FRIENDS livestream.

& that brings me here. I am looking forward to getting to know you all again.

Aroha always,



Kia ora, 'sup bro, welcome (back!). You were lucky to go to the Summit when it was here! I wish I had been more aware at the time of the LPU community!
Anyhoo - did LPU17 bring you back?

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Kia ora Neeks! I didn’t think I’d find another NZer around here so quickly :raised_hands:t3: That’s awesome. Are you in the LPUNZ Facebook group?

It was such a sweet experience yeah! I ended up being in the tour video for a brief second and I was over the moon eh. I still have the set list in my wardrobe haha.

& yeah it did indeed! I have been feeling pretty helpless since Chester’s passing eh. It’s nice to be back in a community that understands what it feels like. How long have you been around LPU for?

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Welcome back. It nice to meet you

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Thanks Hilary! It’s good to be back & nice to meet you too.

Whereabouts in the world are you from?

Hi there Todd :grinning:

Hey Anne! Thanks for the warm welcome.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better around here! Do you frequent the forums often?

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Kia ora soldier ( means sth like „hi“ or so?!) welcome to the underground :sunny:!

To get in touch with the spirit and ppl inhere you have two options ( sure there are more, but… ) to start here it’s either playing in the games section, which means a lot of fun :joy: or just read the topics with more serious content and join the conversation… thats the easiest way to jump on our daily running train inhere! Have fun! :grin:


Yes to LPUNZ. Wow awesome!
LP Fan since Meteora (dunno if you remember but Hybrid Theory got played within an inch of its life back in Y2K, which lead to me hating the crap out of it at the time - but now it’s my 2nd fave album!) - LPU only in October…didn’t realise what I was missing out on, I’m not usually a ‘fan’ type person. But when CB died - well it seemed to hurt more than when my Grand-Uncle died at around the same time (which actually sux to say, but true).
When the gloom didn’t go away, and the people around me didn’t understand - I figured I needed to be surrounded by like minded people…and here I am. Just so gutted I didn’t join up years ago :confused:
Can’t even bring myself to listen to the new Foo’s CD in prep for next years concert - cos I feel like I’d be being disloyal or something - which is completely retarded…but anyhoo. I’ll get over it! You look at the Foo’s fanbase though - it’s NOTHING on LP!
Nice to have a fellow Kiwi on here - there’s an Aussie close by @kirsty13 (so you have been warned), and @rorybourdon has been touring NZ recently (last seen in Queenstown).
Where abouts are you? I’m in Wellywood.


Last seen fangirling over Mt Cook :joy: I’m back in Auckland and then back to cold cold uk


Awwwww nuuuuuu! It’s nearly over :frowning: That sux!
Still, you’ve had the best weather I reckon! Judging from the pics anywayz!

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Oh yeah! Today I was hiking in Hooker Valley 12km in like 30 degree weather! I’m burned


Welcome @todd_williamson ! Enjoy stay on forum! :rofl:

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Ok kiwis tell me what the heck is going on with the stones here? I’ve seen so many of them like that


Kia ora! Yeah, it can mean hello or thank you, among other things, in Te Reo Māori :raised_hands:t3:

Haha well it looks and sounds like it is going to be so much fun to reconnect with the people, and have a place to talk about the band again.

I’m looking forward to seeing you around!

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Fantastic! Do you post in there often? I may have seen you around in there. We formed the group for everyone that went to the Summit and it has expanded ever since :grin: My username is obviously my real name in there too.

I was pretty young when Hybrid Theory was released but I remember hearing Breaking The Habit & Numb / Encore a lot when I was a kid. I actually started listening to LINKIN PARK when I was in intermediate and Minutes To Midnight was about to drop, and that’s when I joined LPU7. I saved up pocket money for ages hahaha.

I know what you mean about the hurt. I spent a day watching old videos, listening to music, going through merch, not really believing what had happened and not knowing how to mourn. It’s good to be on here around people that understand that feeling without getting judged.

Like Mike said, Chester would want us to have fun. Listen to the album & enjoy the show :raised_hands:t3:

I am looking forward to getting to know them both better. I am from Christchurch, although I lived in Wellington for a few years while I was studying at Massey. I miss Wellington like crazy though.


Understandable too! The South Island is definitely the more beautiful island :smirk: It’s a shame I wasn’t on here while you were in town, I would have loved to have shouted you a beer. Did you visit Christchurch at all?

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I saw some stone arrangements like that in mallorca back in 2016.
They were supposed to show you a way like little marks on a path


Thanks! I am having the most warm welcome and I love it. I actually cannot wait to spend some time around here and getting to know everyone better.


Mate I seriously have no idea - Kiwi’s have nothing better to do and all day to do it…HAHA.
My mum has the same thing in her kitchen just to a smaller scale - she got inspired…:laughing:
Pretty sure it’s mostly a south island quirk though, judging by the purple possible lupins and river this was taken somewhere on the way to Queenstown, or maybe Twizel - us North Islanders are far more civilised - although I do note some muppet started building them along the Hutt River (in Wellington).