KIA ORA from New Zealand


Hahaha and so the Island rivalry begins :joy:

But yeah, I have no idea what they mean or why people make them. Maybe just boredom on the tracks, or artistic inspo.


Actually, I think it’s like those zen gardens, or colouring books or whatever. It’s a calming activity meant to achieve a calm and restful state of mind…
Or not.
Probably just aliens. :alien:


Haha well I have to just take it as the nice something I’ve seen.
And yes it was on the way back from Mt Cook village back to Queenstown.

I’ve been there like a week ago. Lovely but very empty city


@rorybourdon Tell me about it. Once you get to know the place, there are a few sweet little spots to check out, but it is still very empty sadly. Did you manage to check out Bacon Brothers?

@neeksnz That’s actually probably closer to the point. Mindfulness and calm :yin_yang: or Aliens hahaha.

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Oh no. I was mostly walking about and very often away from town. Plus anything with bacon is a no for me as I’m vegetarian. Plus I was eating mostly dry bread lol :joy: and idk if it’s even food place the one you mentioned. All I know it took me a long time to find McDonald’s

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@rorybourdon Haha it’s a restaurant / bar in town that I work at on the weekends when I’m not studying. We actually do vegetarian bacon, as I’m vegetarian too!


Cool. But I didn’t get there. Next time :slight_smile: today is my last night on the south island. Tomorrow back to Auckland. And I will try to be back here for ever lol but it will take me a long time


Hey there. Sorry, but i’ve first thought you were talking about a strange model of KIA :joy: :see_no_evil:

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Hey Nick! Hahaha not quite but good guess. Kia ora means hello or thank you in Te Reo Māori, the language of our indigenous people here in New Zealand :new_zealand:

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But omg like how did you know where this pic was taken? I mean some random flowers in the background and a river. It could’ve been anywhere! I would never guess it lol


I’ve been secretly stalking you…jokes!
I’ve travelled NZ quite a bit, there’s only one part of the country I know of that has Lupins, a river and rock mounds :slight_smile:


Oh I see! Well that’s impressive.
I’m back in Auckland now


Awwww stink, not long to go then :frowning:
Have you thrown yourself off the Sky Tower yet? (Attached to a bungee cord that is…)

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I can’t because of my back. I can’t do any of the jumping and stuff. I’m going to Waiheke island tomorrow.


That’s ok, I’ve never done it myself either - I don’t like the fact that you bounce back up again.
I’m more into water ‘sports’ - kayaking is awesome, or just not falling off a kayak, that’s good too, especially when surrounded by jellyfish.

Waiheke Island - you know, I honestly couldn’t tell you what is there, other than food, wine and beach…so, enjoy the food, the wine and the beach :smile:
I hope the weather is epic!


Hey there I’m on the forums often I check it here and there :grinning:

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@neeksnz @rorybourdon I have heard they have yummy fudge :raised_hands:t3:

@annejprado Awesome! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you around. Where abouts are you from?


I’m from San Francisco where are you from?


I was just walking around. When you’re broke that means no wine no fudge no food :joy: but when I was back in Auckland i got the biggest burger ever! It lasted me until breakfast the next day lol


@rorybourdon Now you’re speaking my language :hamburger: Do you know what the burger place was called?

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