Jones Beach Nikon Theater

Who else is going to the concert at Jones Beach Nikon Theater August 15?[surprised]


i’ll see you there. ill wear a nametag with my username

I am!!

I think this is pretty messed up. Don’t u guys think. They didn’t have NY in the tour first so almost everyone including me got GA tickets from CT or NJ. Now I just learn that they’re having a concert a block away from my house!!! smh.

yeah, but now we get two shows :smiley:

yeah, but now we get two shows :smiley:

Hahah :)). I liked the optimism. Your right even thou this one is 3 days later. ;). I have to get 2 GA tickets now. Let the count down begin 50min left for pre-sale. Lol

I get what your saying. i didnt buy tickets to other show because you cant have a tour and not the it New York. Just like you have to play in California as well.

Im gunna wear a nametag with my username so everyone knows who i am

Me!!! = ]

yea i have tickets for CT but oh well two shows in one week !!! plus the summit !! = ] Linkin Park Heaven !!!

Does the LPU post the code for the pre-sale or how does it work?

So presale starts at 10:00 am Local… Local as in Cali? Or EST (NY)? And is there a presale code for this… I am so confused… usually I get more info by this time

I think i just answered my own question by seeing the time stamp on these threads

Got my tickets [biggrin]

[quote=Hybrid_Xer0_]Got my tickets [biggrin]

Does any one know why there is no meet and greet for the jones beach show?

[quote=Meli][quote=Hybrid_Xer0_]Got my tickets [biggrin]

Got my tix! Orch C… I’m surprised no closer seats were offered to me as we are the first to order. Looks like a lot of you beat me to it! Haha. Gonna be a SIIIICK show!

[quote=Hybrid_Xer0_][quote=Meli][quote=Hybrid_Xer0_]Got my tickets [biggrin]