Its that time of year..Chester tributes

Well it is that heartbreaking time of year again, its coming to two years since Chester’s passing, i have no doubt that this will never get easier and i am certain there are many people out there hurting and still grieving.
For me this is the hardest time of year, the year of Chester leaving us in this world shook me intensely and that year was the absolute changing of my life…
so my question is, what is everyone doing to mark the anniversary of such a loss or to celebrate what he gave us all?
I am based in central London and i wonder if there is anything planned for fans to get together and share the love? Perhaps even raise some cash for the one more light foundation? I have collected quite alot through a charity event i held to mark his birthday.

Please let me know if anybody hears of anything.

In the meantime, all of my love and support goes out to those of us that are suffering, keep going.

All of my love to the wonderful band and all of the family too.

Forever in my heart, Dani. xoxoxoxo


Welcome among us!

There is the thread with links to the London events:

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I’m going to Utrecht, Netherlands to remember him. :heart: And the same for me. It still hurts me that he is not here anymore. :frowning_face: