Is it true?!? Is Chester dead?!?

Apparently Chester Bennington died today

Is there any truth in this!!!

The whaaat?? It’s all over Swiss news!!! :scream:

In Finland news too. Thats so sad. :frowning:
Lets hope its a fake news.

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There’s a lot of rumor I can’t believe it right now… waiting…

Alright, a few minute ago they posted the ONE MORE LIGHT video, just a gag??

And 3 hours ago they released their new video??? It doesn’t make sense…


in germany it’s all over in the news ?! is it true?

Please let it be fake news :frowning: I can´t believe it and I don´t want to…

Please let this be untrue!

So far ive only seen it in online news

But nothing on the news channels in the UK


This is not the first time that there are rumours of Chester’s “death”.

It’s being reported on the west coast as well. I hope it’s not true

i’m crying and crying … please Fake


@nicelii yes as i said only seen ONLINE news but no confirmation on a actual news channel

Please let this be fake …

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It’s a hoax

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I’m just sad and still hope this message is fake…

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Its on the Norwegian news too, it says that a doctor have confirmed it. :frowning:

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