I tried to create topics but failed

All the musicians here is a contest you could participate in because I am not good at music at all!

Recreate this song that I made if you want to! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gZqGWhfSH0Sbqrxq-q05IPwOjuHdsxtX/view?usp=sharing

Doesn’t sound like much of a contest. Details about it wouldn’t go amiss.

So its not a contest?

How should I know? You called it a contest, you haven’t exactly given anyone any motive to take part. What’s the prize? How do submissions work? How do you choose a winnner? How many participants? There’s a bunch of other questions that need to be addressed.

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The prize is a picture hand drawn of what they want. submissions are right here in the forum.
I choose the winner by how good it sounds. As many participants there can be!

Do you think people will see this?

Wasn’t it you who said you couldn’t draw properly?

Well if the task is to replicate a tune, they’ll all sound the same.

See what?

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I have a friend who can draw. The tunes will be different instruments!
Do you think the people will see this thread?

Then it’s not a true recreation of the original tune.

:man_facepalming: Fuck this, I can’t take it anymore, I can’t tolerate this level of stupidity. I’m out of here.


I am with you

@the_termin8r why don’t you just mute all the new BS theards that he makes

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Yes, people can see it…

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I have to agree.

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I’ve decided to not even go here anymore no one likes me.

Its not that no one likes you man, its that you keep spamming and creating new threads that make no sense or have no business being made in the first place. If you’re going to create a thread, make sure it fits the category you post it in, post rules for it if you have any, etc. We try to keep it clean in here, no spamming.


Like @chigokurosaki said, no one has anything against you personally, it’s just that you need to follow rules and use common sense. You’re always welcome here if you aren’t being a jerk to others or breaking major rules.

You seem young and don’t really know how forums operate, and forums aren’t really a common use of communication anymore so that’s understandable. Try to get used to how things operate before making tons of topics. I know I’ve said this before, but if it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else or doesn’t seem super important, post it in [insert totally nifty topic here] - #5941 by evooba.

Back when I joined the LPU I was 12 or 13. I’m not ashamed to say one of the first times I got on the LPU chat I was banned temporarily for telling a moderator to fuck off. We all make mistakes, and if I’m still around after that, and you’re not doing anything nearly as rude as that, you can learn from your mistakes and keep going


I renamed the threads name because I felt yours was very blaming while there is nothing to blame.

A lot of us are here for a long time already, and we are kinda monitoring the forums alltogether, it’s our homebase - our livingroom… and we want it to be clean.

From time to time there are waves when newbies show up and believe that they have to make exactly what you did, creating threads over threads, without really checking out what content is already there and where the matter of concern of them could fit. We get aware of such a behavior very quickly and we try to make clear, how our homebase works.

Invest some hours and start with reading, when you’re new here, go over and take part in communications and get in touch with peeps around in the games section. Jumping over all these steps means you are not really interested in other but want people to see only your stuff- now you experienced how the soldiers react on such a behavior. As Jordan said, you are welcome here - still, no need to hide away now, come back and make a second try, we are all open to support you - head up, move on, giving up is not an option! @LEUNRPHANTOM


Alright then.

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Great decision- :facepunch:t2: we are happy to have you here, and always remember- we are all here to support you :blush: if you have questions feel free to tag me or any other regular and now have fun :smiley: