How old are you all / No young LPUers?

[size=15]I’m just wondering how old everyone is. Everyone here seems to be like 25+, and[/size]
[size=20] I HAVEN’T SEEN ANYONE UNDER 15![/size]
[size=15]I’m only 13, and I feel kinda lonely when everyone on here are like at least tree years older than me! [/size]
[size=16]SO YOUNG LPUers, SHOW YOURSELF! And add me as a friend if you want lol[/size]

[size=12]PS. I’m not a pedophile or something if that’s what you thought [lol][/size]


Sorry, I’m 20 [biggrin] (but look like a 15yr old lol)


Im 18 lol. You would be suprised how many younger LPU members there are.

Cause’ I haven’t seen anyone… LOL

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I’m 17 and feel accepted [lol]

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I’m 16 XP

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[quote=ANVANOPPENS]Sorry, I’m 20 [biggrin]

Hahaha, Eeeeh, well, I Guess I’m one of the oldest here, but in my mind I’m still Quite young! LOL

I’m 23, But I think I still have the Spirit of a 16 Year Old xD

I’m 14 :stuck_out_tongue:

But LP fan since a very long time.

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I’m 27. I joined the LPU when I was 17 :expressionless:

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'Im 17

and here are many people under 15

Just turned 23 in October


Im 34 years old, in one Week Im 35 years old :slight_smile:


I noticed that too! I’m 14, I’ll be 15 in a few days though

i’m 23, almost 24. started to listen lp when i was 13 ;D

Im 16 :smiley: but ill be 17 next month :stuck_out_tongue:

Im 23. Joined LPU when I was 14 though.

I think back then, there were more teens. Now those same people are all grown up.

Hey man, I’m 18, but I was a fan at a young age too. I followed you on twitter @World_Of_Ray

I’m 22 ^^