How old are you all / No young LPUers?


I’m nearly 23 in 15 days


well im 18 but have been listening to the band since 2003


I´m 22 years old and fan of Linkin Park since 2001


Who the heck cares about age? All of us are damn crazy about LP and their music. That’s one of our common points, the most important one I guess. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here in the LPU. All the rest is a simple question of details, or let’s say years since we’ve been talking about dates of birth.
Anyway I’m probably one of the oldest LPUers, proud to be an LP soldier and a member of this awesome family [wink]


I´m 19 but in a month 20


I’m 28


[quote=Woco21]I’m 23, But I think I still have the Spirit of a 16 Year Old xD

The spirit eh? xD


I was 18 when I started listening to LP…and now I am 26…I’ve been around since LPU7…


I’m 24 =D


Hi Erling. I kind of understand what you feel. Not because I’m as young as you, but because sometimes I feel I’m a bit too old to be hanging around here that much… [wink]! I’m 37 and, with that, old enough to be your mom (actually my son is 13 like you) [mrgreen]! On the other hand, today I’m pretty much the same person I was with 13. The core doesn’t change really. I guess you won’t feel alone much longer… there are a lot of really nice people of all ages around here! [smile]


I’m 15… >.>


Hi ! I’m 48 and here in France everybody is younger than me !! I can’t find LPUers my age!! so I understand and I’d like to add you in my friends!

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i 16 haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Twenty Three




I’m 16 and listen to LP since I was 9 :slight_smile:


Age dosnt seem to come into it here,enjoy the comunity that is the lpu. One big happpy family we all have 1 thing in common. And im 42,still a kid on the inside.


25 sorry. :slight_smile:


I’m 17! :slight_smile:


i’m 33, about to be 34 next week. but i have friends of all ages. age doesn’t matter to me. we’re all LPUers and fans of the most awesome band! anyone can add me :slight_smile: