How many LP t-shirts do you own?

I got one last year before i went to my first, and only LP concert and i ordered Two t-shirts from ebay that i just recieved! and i am still waiting for my LPU11 T-shirt that will make four :slight_smile: how about you?

And since people are saying how many hoodies they have, i will too! i have One! :slight_smile:

Itโ€™ll be 15 including the LPU11

2 including the lp11

I have 6 or 7

I got 6 so far but thats too little bit need more [smile]

MTM Tour Shirt 08
PR Tour Shirt 08
Tour Shirt 09
ATS Tour Shirt 10
PR Tour 11
LPU 11 (when the package finally arrives)

I just counted and found 39. I also have 2 LP hoodies and 2 Fort Minor shirts. I have I think 4 ball caps and 3 knit capsโ€ฆ Photo proof can be taken if you want it. :slight_smile:

One from Hot Topic it looks like one form Waiting for the end kind of deal with the skulls, and birds in mirror image.

LPU3 shirt I won off of Dereklp

LPU 10


Too many to count, literally. I have 5 LP hoodies and the LPU8 tree zip-up

one i never found ;-;
lpu11 is on its way

so counting the lpu11 i will/have 20 but i think i have more. i will update this when i go home. and i have two lp hoodies/jackets :3

I got 5 but thats not including the LPU11 shirt which is hopefully coming soon

11 including lpu 11 :slight_smile:

`6 I think :smiley:

5 LP t-shirts through the years and 6 LPU t-shirts (including LPU11)

I have one of their show in Israel and I should get another shirt the shirt of LPU11

I have about 17 lp-shirts and one hoodie :slight_smile: But thereโ€™s only three favorites one :โ€™)

I have 9 shirts and 2 hoodies :slight_smile:

Five. When I get my LPU11 it will be six, though.

i have 3 shirts including my lpux-shirt. one is of the ATS-Worldtour :wink:

1 including the LPU11 t-shirt. This is my first time being a member for LPU