How do you listen to your music?

Hey Guys!

I was just wondering how you guys normally listen to your music?

I have a set of Beats Studio Headphones and mostly listen to my music with those.

Post below what you guys prefer!


On the computer: Spotify in dinky almost-broken wireless sony headphones that almost doesnt have a left channel anymore.
Sometimes a station on will replace spotify.

And also on my iPod video with not-as-broken but not wireless headphones.

I have a history of destroying the cords or the built in volume dial on headphones, so I only buy cheap ones.

Mostly in my car. And if not with my iPhone or iPod.

Sennheiser Headphones or MW3 Turtle Beach Limited Edition Headphone Set. Um 2nd Gen iPod for the time being and sometimes iTunes.

I have a stereo in my bedroom I’ve had since 1998. My sister used to have one until it stopped working for her, so I took her speakers and hooked them up to mine (which, if you can do math, that’s four speakers). Yes, my room gets pretty loud

Otherwise, on my laptop, sometimes with headphones (Beats by Dr Dre)

I listen to most of my music whilst walking to work. It’s ~2 miles so I get about an hours listening each day :slight_smile:

normally I listen to my music on my laptop with my headphone on , I put my music on load volume cause of my deafness XD and I mostly listen to them on my iPhone and iPod few times =P

with my ears first

them PC with 5.1 Headset and subwoofer turned on

or my cell phone :slight_smile:

When my iPod was alive I was listening to music by it. Then, after his “death” I used my mobile phone with headphones. But now according to my illness, I can’t listen to music in headphones anymore. And also I always use iTunes or VK player :wink:

woa what happened :o

I use my computer with a Logitech Z3 2.1 soundsystem with a freaking awesome subwoofer and iTunes.

same sound system :smiley:

woa what happened :o

My ears hurt and sometimes I can’t hear well…

woa what happened :o

Through my iPod mainly, or stereo, or car stereo. iPod the vast majority of time though.

[quote=Zara]Through my iPod mainly, or stereo, or car stereo. iPod the vast majority of time though.

I only listen to music from my PC at home. I have Logitech X-540 system.

I listen with my iPod Touch mostly and sometimes on PC

i listen to music everywhere, but my favourite place is definitely my car :slight_smile:

Mostly I listen to music in my car.
Then on my laptop with AKG headphones.
When I listen to music with my media-player I use regular Sony earphones.