How do you feel?


Everytime I enter the LinkinPark Pages I have to click two times the message for us about Chester away and I feel very bad about that.

Am I the only Person here that feels bad, by clicking the Chester Letter away?


Same here, its not just you.

I’m still not over the fact that he is gone forever…


thank you! Good to know!


Before Chester’s death I thought about Linkin Park and felt happy. But I can’t even think about him and his songs after those news. It makes me wanna cry


No no, you aren’t. I try not to take notice. But when I do, I can’t not read it and end up staring into space for some time.


Since his dead a lot changed. At this moment it feels better for me to klick the letter for chester away. Maybe my feelings turned into blocking … idk… what about you?


Not at all. It gives me pause for a moment. I have worked through the worst parts of the grief, so I am very happy to be reminded of how much we meant to him and so I just send him my love before I “click” past.


I feel the same way too his loss was very hard for me. He was and always will be my favorite singer and linkin park will always be my favorite band. Chester mad feel happy.


To all my LP family in TX, Fla, Al, Ga, Sc, etc I hope you are all safe from the storms. So much devastation recently. My home was not damages and I am grateful. Peace and love my LP family.


Glad to hear all the devastation has stayed clear from your area! Heres to hoping for jose and the rest of what will form to stay away in the middle of the ocean :sweat:


I still have sometimes cry attacks when I listen to the music


Actually the world is a carousel for me and I want to get off! I am really down! I want to open the belt! I can’t tell it my close friends ir therapist… I really need good weather my bike a long road and a bag filled with smoothies! I am actually stuck in such a big shit ball I even can’t scream anymore! I lost my lust for life!

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I can see how the world is a carousel for you, I’ve been going through quite a bit these last few months. It can be really hard to keep a positive mind during tough times.

I know you said you can’t tell your friends or therapist but I encourage you to open up to someone, having support helps in so many ways!
For what it’s worth I know everyone here in the LP family is here for you! This is a wonderful community and we want nothing more than for our members to be strong!

I’ll be sending positive vibes your way! You can do this! :hugs::slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with @justinkilmer, it’s good to open up to someone, to let things go. You can also write all your bad thoughts on a paper and throw it in a bin or burn it.

Sending you strength, you’re not alone :muscle::muscle::muscle: :hugs:


I told actually two people of my social circle about it and one judge. One person claimed that this idea is absolutely not okay and I should not do that. My therapist was making a big circle on the paper… that is all! I am still feeling shitty!


I’m really sorry to hear that they shut you down! That’s not right at all.
As for your therapist… either he/she is just not professional or they have some sort of plan that none of us understand…

Was there anything else with the circle they explained? (sorry just trying to figure it out myself here)

All I can say is when I went thought a shitty time in school I turned to music and art, whether or not this will help you too I can’t exactly say, But I would love to help keep you positive anyway possible!

You got this! :muscle::muscle:


I haven’t read that letter, but now I most certainly want to so that I can also add my thoughts on it. Where can I find it…??..
Thanks…and yes, as someone also replied that it’s still not real that he’s gone…sucks & hurts soooooo bad…!!!..


Did you ever experienced the pain of suicide? Every year friends of me committed suicide! Someone said to me on the latest funeral when I was crying „You should be dead“ I hate my life! I really hate it! That is all!


I have felt the pain a few times and it is one of the the worst feelings in the world. A few of my friends have passed due to suicide and the first thing I always have said to my self is the “What Ifs”
like What if I could have done something more? and so on.

I was on the verge of wanted to do it myself back in high school but that can be a story for another time.

I’m really sorry to hear this, I know it can be really hard to find the beauty in Life, but it will and does get better trust me! I’m here for you as well as everyone else in this forum.
You do NOT deserve to be dead, you didn’t make it this far in life only to give up or have it end sooner than it should.

Again we are all here for you :blush:


Yes, I feel it too every time I click there. I stopped going there because of that. And
I also cry when listening to LP. It’s better than it was before but still some songs put me down. But I know he’s watching from up there and he knows…

I’m just interpreting it according to myself (maybe it was just a stupid circle). I guess life itself is a circle. Sometimes you’re down. The point is that where there is a downside, there is definitely also an upside. Life is not black nor white, it’s rainbow coloured, mixed.
I know it’s hard but try to see the upside, too. You’re alive, the sun is shining every morning, you are loved by your family, by us, you are not alone. Believe.

The sorrow is a part of this life and it’s completely normal to feel it. It will never go away, it will just become more and more edgeless over time. I feel it too, I’ve just accepted it and live through it. Let it flow. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, sit in a car or go to the woods and scream out your lungs. If you need to talk, then talk to us. If you need to go out, then go. Do what your soul needs :slight_smile:

About this, what @justinkilmer said. And what they said is unforgivable but I think it was just their own sorrow talking, don’t let it get under your skin. You matter and have the right to be happy!