How could 'Digital Download' musics be out of stock?


Well, I tried to purchase LPU 12 mp3s, but it is out of stock.
I found out that the majority of musics are available, but there are some digital musics saying they are ‘out of stock’.

I don’t understand how could a digital content could be out of stock.
But most of all, I really want to buy those soundtracks.
Please solve the issue :frowning:


You ask a valid question. :joy:

That site is pretty broken, it might mean physcial copies as opposed to digital ones. My advice is to break out your eye patch, peg leg and hook.

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Maybe contact LPU HQ about it? I guess this could be fixed easily

Yeap. I just sent email to them. Hope they would reply me soon :0

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I was going to suggest that you can at least stream the album if you have a membership, but I’m not entirely sure if that is possible right now because I need to renew. Please let us know if this gets fixed or not, going to move this into #help-site-feedback

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