House of blues - setlist

  2. Faint
  3. Papercut
  4. With You
  5. Runaway
  6. Given Up
  7. Blackout
  8. Somewhere I Belong
  9. New Divide
  10. Points Of Authority
  11. Waiting For The End (w/ UNTIL IT BREAKS intro)
  12. Breaking The Habit
  13. Leave Out All The Rest / Shadow Of The Day / Iridescent -(Medley)
  14. The Catalyst
  15. What I’ve Done
  16. Crawling
  17. One Step Closer
  18. Burn it down
  19. In The End
  20. Numb
  21. Bleed It Out w/ Sabotage (w/ BBoys cover)
  • END -

btw. Nicholas Cage appeared on the stage to present Linkin Park

Well, what are you saying on it so far:) for me it’s great… especially with you and runaway? i didn’t expect these at all:))

that is a good set list, i hope someone puts it on youtube!

Great set list! I am missing Easier To Run though, hopefully they’ll play that song live again some day.

With You isn’t a favorite of mine, but hey, you can’t like every song ever made by the band. :wink:

[quote=Maria]Great set list! I am missing Easier To Run though, hopefully they’ll play that song live again some day.

With You isn’t a favorite of mine, but hey, you can’t like every song ever made by the band. ;)[/quote]
i agree:)

and for me? Im still missin’ and one :))

oh man would love to here the bleed it out sabatoge mix!!! all of it sounds bad ass. I’m not surprised they threw in some hybrid theory. thats what alot of people wanting them to return to the old sound. Brilliant is an understatement. Great show to kick off the countdown to return to Cali

I was there and it was my first LP concert. It was simply the best night in my life. If only they played No More Sorrow, it’d be more perfect. can’t wait for another show :smiley:

Seriously, I’m upset I live on the opposite coast and couldn’t be there! I saw that Sabotage video on youtube, that’s amazing. And Nicolas Cage was there?! That dude is just too awesome! I hate so bad that I missed that!

Nicholas Cage?? Where?

for some reason i always have a feeling they’re going to play High Voltage…but it never happens :[

oh and the show was goddamn amazing!

Amazingly Awesome Performance from all 6 of them. I so appreciate the everything done. The sound was fucking amazing!!! Thanks again to LP & Crew for powering up the world in more than a financial way!!! xoxoxo :).

With You

OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! nearly died over here! that’s such an awesome setlist… like… wow… I wish that was the setlist for the european festivals :blush:

Great show!! Awesome music ! Excellent sound!! The band mates were full of energy and it was obvious they were excited to be back on stage in front of their most loyal fans. With all of the phones and cameras that were active, I would expect server overload at youtube. THANK YOU Mike, Chester, Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave for a memorable show!! Looking forward to the new album and I’ll you in Los Angeles in Sept! I’ve got my tickets!!

Oh! I almost forgot!! Thanks for the Great Auction! Yep! I love what I won!! But, my daughter will love it more as she has one tattooed on her right bicep!!

Wow Wow Wow!!!
The setlist is just pure awesomeness!!
Really good! Nice to see with you runaway and papercut again!
Burn it down is awesome too!! Hope they keep the setlist a while

Wow setlist is amazing… With You is the really one song from HT I still like the same, amazing. And Until It Breaks verse… Fort Minor baby!

This is one of the fucking best setlists ever. I dream of seeing With You live for so long now, I really hope, they’ll play it in Berlin, too.


WOW :smiley: amazing setlist. with you !! wouldn’t mind switching runaway with something like carousel :smiley:

awesome :slight_smile:

visit for some videos of the show

Yeah, thats amazing setlist! [surprised]
With You, Runaway - I hope they will play it in Warsaw! [heart] Or maybe A Place For My Head and Don’t Stay [cool] I want more songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora! But I love everything songs from all albums of course :slight_smile: