Horror stories of October: Amityville

This is still songs of the season, but for right now, we are going scary!

[spoiler]Since it’s October, I thought this would be a good chance to share spooky, haunting, and scary songs. Songs that sounds haunting for the holiday, and also, I love trying to find neat scary stuff to listen to. [/spoiler]
[spoiler]Now this time around let’s find spooky/scary/haunting theme songs from tv shows and movies.[/spoiler]

scary/haunting facts and stories about true events.

You can also play songs that are not scary like Walking Dead the song featuring Chester Bennington.

Songs that sound spooky backwards or an old song that scared you when you were younger.

Not really scary but it’s spooky sounding.

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I was introduced to this song in a music class in elementary school. We listened to it every year around Halloween time.

It wasn’t spooky but some parts of the song was cool. All in all, it sounded like something that would be in Tom and Gerry, Bugs Bunny and the old Casper cartoon. My favorite part was 4:50 piece, that really remember me of Casper.


@TripleXero I knew someone was going to post this one -.- I had a list filled with haunting songs, but I can’t find it ;-;

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Whats about this?

its too bad, isn´t it… :astonished:

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This creeped my out as a kid for some reason lol:

I’d say this is the spookiest

And finally this (It doesn’t sound spooky but it is pretty dark in terms of lyrical content and plot):

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It isn’t on YT, but you can find on Russian websites full album “The House Of Ink” by Phedora; one song there is pretty dark, it’s called “Succubus”. Yes, you have to download full album, but it’s great and worth it :smiley: song “Paper Streets” is also a bit dark

Always thought this song was pretty good and fits a scary-type theme considering it’s in a cartoony game.

I remember this rhyme from when I was a kid. My husband, who is a Halloween freak, felt his childhood was robbed because he only discovered in a couple years ago.


LOL, best one yet!

This one’s the video more than the song itsself

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IKR @EvoOba :joy:

Never gets old!

I recently watched this a couple of weeks ago. It’s weird, looking back I was into this movie before I got into the stuff I am into today and also I would carry his movie vcr tape everywhere I went :3

Did this scare you as a kid or?

This show scared me as a kid. I think I actually brought this up in LPU chat once because I couldn’t remember the name until recent years

Also there was a song I played in plug.dj for @dolcezarzamora that someone else showed me months ago that is kinda creepy and now I can’t find it again

Edit: Found it. This weird video: