Hollywood Bowl: Sharing a Paired Ticket?

Thank you:), still looking for a ticket, hope we all can go!

One of my tickets is available. I know $925 is a lot to ask for. I’m willing to set the price at $900. The seats are in Garden1.


@monse I am willing to buy the ticket!!

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What does a platinum ticket include?

i have the money to buy just one :cry::cry::cry:

I just bought a single ticket on ticket master for 65 (85 canadian) shitty seats but I don’t care!!

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i can’t buy nothing in that price, the onlu one i can buy is $2,250 or $1,500dlls
thats why i onlu can buy one :sob::sob::sob:

I just bought another single for 85 for my bf too. On the ticknaster app. Click on the single ticket option and keep checking and refreshing like every 30 sec. There’s single tickets available but it looks like there only releasing 1 at a time. I was just able to but 2 singles in the sane section but different seats so not next to each other

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My ticket is still available! Let me know if you’re still looking for one.

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Yes i’m still interested

My friends are finally not going and I have 2 tickets to G zone. Is there anybody interested in getting tickets still?

LP Family I’m selling 1 e-ticket (J2) + 1 place at Airbnb (from 26th to 31st Oct) at Hollywood.

We’re a group of 7 people and we’re searching the last one to join our crew (the house is max 8 ppl). We’re 6 Italians (3 gals, 3 guys) + 1 German gal.


Get in touch via six182@gmail.com for price details & #MakeChesterProud

Is someone interest?

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@gioS maybe?

@vlad544 and/or @ironsoldier16: These still available? Do they need to be purchased in the pair?

You should ask @abilemj that. Those tickets are not mine.

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thank you! appreciate it.

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Unfortunately they are no longer available. I hope you are able to get tickets!

Yes, tickets are still available.

Oh, brilliant. Do they need to be bought in a pair, or can they be single-purchase? Also, do you have a price on these ones (I looked through your previous posts but I can’t see one, but then again it’s not beyond me to have completely missed it)?