Hollywood Bowl: Sharing a Paired Ticket?

Yes the credit card is the ticket but you bought 2 and I think you can bring with you anyone you want! Please let me know cause this girl should also book the flight :slight_smile: thanks a lot

ok. I will let you know later this week. Thanks!

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Many thanks!!!

hey! It looks like I got Ticket for you. :wink: What is your/her facebook page?

May I privately message you somehow??

sure. shoot me a message to my email or you can find me on facebook

writing you and email right now, check it out shortly :wink:

Hi is that ticket still available?

Where you able to find one?

I’m also looking for an extra ticket if anyone has one.

Whoa! Do you take payments?? lol

I just lost my ticket and I’m afraid it’s too late to find anyone with an extra ticket :disappointed:

Did you end up selling your ticket?

Hi @vlad544 are you still selling a ticket??

I should know by the end of the week if it’s available or not!

I haven’t found anyone else selling & sharing a ticket.

Will definitely point them this way I hear, guys.

no, another user already picked it up. My friends who got tickets in G zone 17th row are still hesitating if they can come to the show or not. If you interested I can let you know if they finally quit.

@vlad544 yes please let me know! I would purchase a single or a pair of tickets!!

Thank you for getting back to me.


Thanks @VX1 I really wanna go so that would be great! You can also give them my email


I’d also be happy to buy one of the tickets.

@sunnykdeol Sure :slight_smile:

One of many, but would be interested in tickets (@VX1, @vlad544, @monse, and all you other brilliant and kind people for checking back)—I had an order placed and tickets booked then Ticketmaster, being the brilliant site it is, is now fighting me on the confirmation.

As I’d planned to come from out-of-country, this is obviously not what I’d hoped for (you buy a ticket, you expect a seat, yeah?), and so any pointing toward those in need of a pair-person or otherwise would be amazing, and much appreciated!

I wasn’t able to get tickets and Ive been devastated ever since. Are they gonna release more?! Or are those platinum seats going down? I’d like to have two. :weary::sob:
I need a miracle.